Lots of Bird Feeding Action on my Live Cams

With the weather still cold, my feeders have been busy and it is lovely to see such a wide variety of species visiting. My live cameras have been really popular and I have had lots of lovely emails from people who enjoy watching them. It is lovely to be able to share my visitors with others.

One of the feeding stations is by my hub. I get lots of finches on here, but the bullfinches have not been on these feeders until this week. Great to see this beautiful male taking advantage of the sunflower hearts…

My greenfinch numbers have also picked up. Lovely to see these finches back after complete absence two years ago….

There has been a little group of long-tailed tits visiting the garden regularly. Their high-pitched twittering is often heard before their lilting flight and mouse-like forms appear, their tails looking way too long for their tiny bodies. These remain one of my most favourite visitors….

There are 2 males and 2 female bullfinches coming every day. They like the wide tray and can often be seen on this feeder. If I am at the computer when they appear, I can zoom in with the PTZ camera to get a closer look.

The snack bar feeder always has customers! This week, the long-tailed tits have discovered it and it is super to see them all lining up to feed here… what a treat!

The nuthatch has also started to visit regularly …

The foxes are coming every night to have a snack on the dried dog biscuits I put out. I only put a single scoop out, so if you see them visit and move on, then it’s because the food has all been eaten. I do not want to affect their nightly hunting patterns and just use a snack to draw them in so I can film them. This vixen is looking very rounded so I am hoping we will see some cubs at this feeding station later in the year.

Finally, I am getting all my nest boxes up and ready for the new season and this new HandyKam box using an HD IP camera inside. I have had a few quick visits from blue tits this week… enough for me to see the quality of the image. Just a little more light and this is going to be a super little nest box!