A Wonderful Jewellery Making Course with Emma Mitchell…..

I have been following Emma Mitchell on Twitter for a while. Her wonderful representations of the natural world were the pull for me … I have a fascination with all natural forms. Her website is well worth a visit, especially if you like what I am about to write about! Click on the image below:

Emma describes herself as a ‘designer-maker, naturalist, illustrator, mum and author.’ and ‘an ardent fan of cake, yarn and hedgerows.’ Sounded like a perfect combination!

When I saw Emma release dates for another workshop last year, I thought I would treat myself! I knew it was ‘right up my street’ and I wanted to get back into creative stuff in 2020 as my artistic streak needs outlets and I have done very little in the way of art for so long. February 29th seemed a very long way away, but suddenly, an email from Emma reminded me that it was just a few weeks away!

So, today, I drove all the way to Cambridgeshire… an early start and a long drive but SO worth it! I have spent, what feels like, a very decadent time indulging myself, surrounded by lovely company and with Emma as a highly inspirational tutor! The group met in Emma’s home, and we were soon all drinking tea and chatting. Emma talked to us all about her work and her inspirations and how therapeutic both nature and art are.

Emma has written two books and I bought ‘The Wild Remedy’ and Emma signed it for me.


We spent a wonderful couple of hours, learning all about the techniques used to create unique pieces of jewellery, inspired by natural materials. Emma’s work is just stunning and it was the images on her website that drew me into her website, as I so love natural forms and have lots of bits and pieces that I collect, that I felt might provide inspiration and subject material.

I went with a container full of lots of bits and pieces and Emma had loads of items too, including some snowdrops and plants picked from the garden. It was SO hard to choose what to use to create our first piece of jewellery!

One rather special item, I had taken, really caught Emma’s eye…. it was a tiny bird skull I found in my garden. I think it might be a goldfinch skull. We decided that this would create a pretty unique piece, so I used this to practise the technique and create my first piece of silver jewellery. I have created the moulds for several other items and I will be making a lot more, I can assure you, as soon as my order of materials has arrived.

Here are a selection of images, showing the progression of my piece…..

The rest of the group used all sorts of different botanical inspiration and created some stunning pieces!

I can’t express how much I loved doing this! My mind is buzzing with ideas and, as soon as I was home, I ordered all the materials I need to turn all my other natural wonders into unique jewellery….. watch this space!

A massive thank you to Emma and all the other lovely ladies who joined me on this truly inspirational leap year Saturday!