My Bird Snack Bar makes National Press!!

It has been pretty manic day! Anyone who follows me on Twitter or follows my blog would know that I have had a rather novel bird feeding station live streaming from both my… Continue reading

A snowy Yew View with great new bird visitors…

I have not been at Yew View for a couple of weeks due to the heavy snow so I was keen to look through the camera footage over the last few weeks. ¬†Extreme… Continue reading

A snowy wonderland weekend at my live cameras!

It has been a wonderful weekend of wildlife on my live cameras! With the heavy falls of snow, the birds have been really hungry and I have been captivated with all the activity… Continue reading

New WildlifeKate Bird Snack Bar goes online!

I have had great fun creating little mini scenes for my mammal boxes and this made me think about what I could create for the birds. I played around with lots of ideas… Continue reading

WildlifeKate’s Cameras get a sponsor!

My camera set-ups and the kit involved is gradually getting more and more ambitious and, as I experiment with new kit, you can imagine that the costs start to increase. To live stream… Continue reading

A Yorkshire Birthday Trip

With a ‘big’ birthday on the horizon, I opted for a few days away, rather than party celebrations! I have not been out with my camera much and with the offer of accommodation… Continue reading

Harvest Mouse Platform, Otter in the holt & mysterious morning mammals…..

With winter on the way and natural food levels beginning to drop, I start thinking about our population of harvest mice around the wildlife pond. We discovered we had harvest mice a few… Continue reading

Badgers still stealing the show at Yew View!

After their cameo appearance on this year’s Autumnwatch, the Yew View badgers are still active on site and I have capture lots of footage of their comings and goings over the last few… Continue reading

A lovely break to Scotland in half term…….

I have just spent a lovely week on the East coast of Scotland, in the Montrose area. It is a part of Scotland I had never visited before, but the idea of tens… Continue reading

Yew View features on BBC Autumnwatch 2017

This week, many of you will have settled down in front of the TV at 8pm, on BBC 2 to watch this year’s series of Autumnwatch. This Autumn, the show is coming from¬†the… Continue reading