A Busy Week!

Well, I am glad British Summer time is finally here…. looking out of the window, it is a very grey day and pouring with rain! I have had a busy week this week! We… Continue reading

Fox cubs on the way!

For the last 4 years or so, I have regularly put a small amount of dried dog food out in the field next to my house, to watch the foxes who are regular… Continue reading

Spring is arriving at Yew View

Although the morning started cold and misty, when the sun burnt through, it definitely began to feel like Spring at Yew View this week. With the passing of the snowdrops, the daffodils have taken… Continue reading

A vicious fight for a prime nesting space

My Tawny Box in a tree above the bridle path, opposite my home, was occupied by Jackdaws last year. The pair who filled it to the brim with twigs, sticks, leaves, sheep wool….… Continue reading

Yew View Tawny Excitement

If you have been following my blogs and tweets, you will know that we have been having more and more regular visits to our Tawny Box at Yew View. At night, we have… Continue reading

Kestrels, Little Owls and Red Squirrels

The great thing about the Internet and Twitter in particular, is that I have got to meet absolutely loads of people who share my passion and excitement about the natural world. Many of… Continue reading

Otter, Badger and Nest Box news for Yew View

This week, after the excitement of putting the Barn Owl and Kestrel boxes up at Yew View, I wired in the cameras into the boxes so we can see what happens in there… Continue reading

Yew View Raptors

The weeks are flying past at an alarming rate and I cannot believe that it is March today! Being so busy on lots of projects means that my blogs seem to be pushed… Continue reading

My Fantastic Feeder Visitors!

If you are familiar with my website, you will know that I live stream from two feeding stations in my garden… from my Hub Feeders and my Patio  feeders. With the weather particularly… Continue reading

Which is it? Common, Pygmy or Water?… my guide to Shrews!

I have had a lot of activity in my Mammal Box, which is positioned next to my garage in a damp and overgrown bank. Wood mice and Bank voles have always visited, with the… Continue reading