The joys of Solitary Bees!

If I asked you to tell me two things about bees, what would you say? If you are reading my blog, you are probably interested in wildlife, so may know more than the… Continue reading

The Bushnell Otter Challenge!

As part of my guiding role with the Shetland Wildlife Tour, I take a range of Bushnell trail cameras and set them and to show the clients some of the unseen wildlife of… Continue reading

‘Ultimate Shetland Tour 2019- What a week of Wildlife!

I’m still buzzing from my recent trip to Shetland! I guide with Shetland Wildlife each year, for one week on an ‘Ultimate Shetland’ tour; a tour aimed to give the clients a real… Continue reading

There’s Still Tawny Activity at Yew View

With my trip to Maryland, I had not been at Yew View for a few weeks, so was greatly pleased to see that I had a few more tawny clips to upload. When… Continue reading

Fox and Badger Cubs… My Latest Bushnell Captures

Local knowledge is always the best and when I was sent a trailcam clip of a vixen with, what looked like 11 cubs, and told about a den site, I was keen to… Continue reading

Beavers in Maryland

This morning, Ed and I headed back to a special site that we had visited when I first arrived. A local tree nursery had some beavers on their land and had kindly allowed… Continue reading

A Wonderful Week in Maryland USA

If you follow my blog, you may remember that last October,  took a trip out to visit Ed Snodgrass in Maryland in the USA. I met Ed at a green roof conference and,… Continue reading

Tawny Owlet updates!

This week’s update covers the last two weeks of Tawny owlet footage. As you can imagine, there is a huge amount of footage to look through and I want to look at it… Continue reading

WildlifeKate NestEnders Updates and a Tearoom for the Birds!

There is lots of nesting action going on in the garden at the moment and most of it is available to watch, live on my website and on the CJ Wildlife website. CJ… Continue reading

Gardening for wildlife – My May Garden

May is always my favourite time of the year in the garden. It quite literally bursts into life and nature takes over somewhat…. which is fine by me. some like their gardens to… Continue reading