Using the Manfrotto KLYP Macro iPhone lens

I never imagined I would be using my phone as much as I do for wildlife photography! Armed with a Canon 7D MrkII and a Canon 2.8 macro lens, why would I ever… Continue reading

A Brilliant BirdFair!

I always look forward to Birdfair, but this one has really been amazing. Fantastic weather, a great team on the Bushnell stand and a wonderful show in so many ways. I was let off… Continue reading

Bird Fair, Rutland 2015

Tomorrow, I will be heading to lovely Rutland Water for this year’s BirdFair! As Bushnell’s UK Ambassador, I will be spending the three days with Bushnell on their stand in the lovely Optics Marquee. Joined… Continue reading

‘Ultimate Shetland’ with WildlifeKate & Hugh Harrop!

I am extremely excited to be able to announce that I will be running  an exclusive and unique departure with Hugh Harrop of Shetland Wildlife in June 2016. Over midsummer’s day, we will be offering a… Continue reading

#MammalChallenge 4: The Food Test

My fourth #MammalChallenge was not really a challenge… more of a food tasting experiment! I wanted to see which foods were preferred by the 3 species visiting the mammal box at the moment;… Continue reading

#MammalChallenge 3: The Jam Jar Challenge

For my third Mammal Challenge, I placed a jam jar inside my box and placed the food inside. Being a standard  sized glass jar, the sides were steep and slippery and I was… Continue reading

#MammalChallenge 2: Clear plastic upturned container

My #MammalChallenge 2 was to place the food under a transparent plastic container. Would the mammals be able to upturn this container to get the food? Once again, it was just a matter… Continue reading

#MammalChallenge 1: Pivoted Container Lids

My first #MammalChallenge was using this little feeding station designed to keep pet hamsters occupied! It consists of two little wooden hollows covered with lids that are held on by a wooden peg.… Continue reading

My #MammalChallenge

If you follow my work, you will know that I love setting up different scenarios for my mammal visitors! From sitting rooms to bathrooms or even Autumnwatch scenes, I have experimented with all… Continue reading

Create a ‘Dog Crate’ Feeding Station

Recently a combination of corvids and the squirrels have meant that my feeding stations have been cleared in a matter of minutes. I have tried numerous squirrel proof feeders and some are very good,… Continue reading