Filming Night Visitors in my Patch…..

Recently, I have been capturing some great footage using a camera that Hikvision have lent me. I am looking at how some of their CCTV cameras can be used for filming wildlife. Many… Continue reading

The Birdsy Project goes LIVE and you could join the EARLY BIRDSY CLUB!

For the last year or so, I have been working on a very exciting project. You will have seen some of the feeding stations I have been setting up in a variety of… Continue reading

A Stunning Location for my Latest Feeding Station set-up

Yesterday I set up a feeding station at, what must be, one of the most beautiful locations I have worked at; Ballintean Mountain Lodges.  Ballintean is in the heart of the Cairngorms National… Continue reading

The Elgin Otter

When we headed to the River Lossie, alongside Elgin, I had not expected to photograph an otter in the  environment I did. I have been lucky enough to see otters in the wild… Continue reading

Berry Bullfinches…. Gorgeous Autumnal Colour at Hillockhead

I’ve headed back up to the Black Isle for part of my half term. I have a camera job up here to do, so tied it in with some time enjoying the seascape… Continue reading

New Camera set-ups for the Yew View Tawny Box

Last year I recorded the best footage that I have captured so far from the Tawny box at Yew View. I used two internal cameras and one external camera. Technology moves on and,… Continue reading

My Badger Skull Project….

When I found a dead badger, partly decomposed, my first thought was on how and why it had died. That was followed very quickly by the excitement of possibly being able to have… Continue reading

Otter Holt Flood Alert!!

When I built the holt at Yew View, I knew it was going to flood at some point…. just didn’t think it would be quite so soon!  The River Severn is pretty volatile… Continue reading

Finland 2019 – Stunning Squirrels

The Finnish forests surrounding the area I stayed were just beautiful. The mixture of evergreens and deciduous species meant that the colours were even more stunning. The clean air also means that there… Continue reading

Finland 2019 – The Birds

You may have thought that my Finland trip was mainly about the bears. Of course, they were a huge, and very special, part of the trip. There was plenty of other wildlife to… Continue reading