Yew View Raptors

The weeks are flying past at an alarming rate and I cannot believe that it is March today! Being so busy on lots of projects means that my blogs seem to be pushed… Continue reading

My Fantastic Feeder Visitors!

If you are familiar with my website, you will know that I live stream from two feeding stations in my garden… from my Hub Feeders and my Patio  feeders. With the weather particularly… Continue reading

Which is it? Common, Pygmy or Water?… my guide to Shrews!

I have had a lot of activity in my Mammal Box, which is positioned next to my garage in a damp and overgrown bank. Wood mice and Bank voles have always visited, with the… Continue reading

Amazing Water Shrew Footage!

Last weekend, I decided to try to move my HD Mammal Box across the lane to swap it with a standard res one, where a Water Shrew had been visiting. This was very… Continue reading

Yew View Tawny update

When I put up the Tawny Box at Yew View, I already knew there were Tawnies in the area, but you can never tell if the wildlife will take to your boxes… and… Continue reading

In the company of Short eared owls

On Friday, I joined my photography pal, Pete Walkden, to visit a site where Short eared owls have been making an appearance regularly. I have only seen these birds once before, several years… Continue reading

An Exciting New Badger Sett!

When a friend told me about a badger sett in her parent’s garden, I offered to take a Bushnell trail cam down to the site, to see what we could capture. I had not quite… Continue reading

An Exciting New Species in my Patch!

I have many cameras around my home and two are inside purpose-built mammal boxes. One, close to my house in a hedgerow, has an HD camera in and has been capturing wonderful footage of… Continue reading

A visit to RSPB Middleton Lakes

Last weekend Andy & Lyndsey Howard (from the Cairngorms!), Pete Walkden and I visited Middleton Lakes. Andy & Lyndsey were down in the Midlands for a few days so we met up here… Continue reading

My Mountain Hare gets a WinterWatch appearance!

As with many of us, The BBC WinterWatch series was  something I looked forward to and every night, I settled down to watch the antics of Martin up trees and under snow and… Continue reading