Fieldfare, Song Thrush & Tawny Interactions!

With so much regular footage from Yew View, it is always great to capture things that are just a little different. This week, I am delighted that the tawnies seem to be back… Continue reading

Badger Sett Cover-up & Filming

The day had come to finally cover over our badger sett at Yew View as we had a digger and dumper on site. It would have taken far too long to do it… Continue reading

Incredible Crees Footage

When I met Andy Andy Whitworth, research manager at the Crees Foundation(a Peru-based non-profit organisation) and a researcher with Scotland’s University of Glasgow, several years ago, we hit it off straight away. His enthusiasm and passion was… Continue reading

Snuggled Squirrels and Nibbling Mates

My cameras have taken somewhat second place over those at Yew View recently, but I have been capturing some lovely clips at home as well and wanted to share a few of these.… Continue reading

Great Wildlife Clips from this week at Yew View

It is easy to get complacent about the wildlife clips we are now regularly capturing at Yew View! The last  16 months of setting up cameras,  fine-tuning cams, positioning, creating feeding stations and… Continue reading

A River of Flowers – working with WFEG

The Whittington & Fisherwick Environmental Group (WFEG) were formed with the aim to become one of the first low carbon communities in the UK. Through a range of great projects and community involvement,… Continue reading

A Wildlife Catch-up!

Wow! The weeks are just accelerating past at a phenomenal rate… I cannot believe that we are well into November now! There is lots going on.. in fact, so much, my WildlifeKate blog… Continue reading

Building the Yew View Artificial Badger Sett

For several years now, I have been keen to expand my camera knowledge gained in my patch, by taking on a bigger camera project. Working at Yew View has given me wonderful opportunities… Continue reading

MPA Restoration & Biodiversity Awards 2015

I was delighted to be included in this event this year, after being one of the three judges for the MPA Nature Photography Competition. I was joined by BBC Radio 4’s Sybil Ruscoe… Continue reading

Water Rail, Weasel, foxes & Kingfishers… a week at Yew View!

As summer slips into Autumn, YewView is heaving with mellow fruitfulness…. in more ways than one! I have now been working at this beautiful site for just over a year and we have… Continue reading