Filming at Yew View with Midlands Today

As part of Midlands Today’s Springwatch series, I often film a piece with them to correspond with my appearance on the show. This year, Karen, the producer contacted me and asked if I… Continue reading

I open the Nottingham Uni MSc Exhibition

Some months ago now, I was invited to do a talk to┬áthe MSc students at Nottingham University who were undertaking an MSc in Biological Photography and Imaging. I had a lovely afternoon, telling… Continue reading

Long Nanny Tern Colony

After a great day in the Farne Islands yesterday, we decided to explore some of the Northumbrian coast near to our B&B in Seahouses. We had heard about a tern colony at a… Continue reading

A wonderful trip to the Farne Islands

With the day dawning bright and breezy, Deb and I headed down to the harbour at Seahouses to Billy Shiel’s boat trip. Billy Shiel’s trips do a Day Trip… 2 hours on Staple… Continue reading

A weekend in Northumberland

Today, my close friend Deb and I headed North to Seahouses where we are spending the weekend…. yes… a girly weekend and we choose to spend part of it on the Farne Islands….… Continue reading

First views of my Fox cubs!

I have been having foxes visit here for about 4 years. Every night, I put out a small amount of dried dog food…. enough for a snack but not enough to stop them… Continue reading

My Jackdaw Chicks hatch!

I have three Jackdaw nests on my cameras at the moment. This family are in a Tawny Box set in a tree facing the bridle path opposite my home. They have 6 eggs… Continue reading


As part of a project at the school I work at, I wanted to give the pupils the wonderful experience of hatching eggs and then raising the chicks to join our hens that… Continue reading

Otters & Daylight Badgers

Yew View is providing more great footage and, as I review the captures from last week’s Bushnells and other cameras, it is just incredible the amount to wonderful wildlife captures we are collecting!… Continue reading

Come, take a stroll up my garden….

With the weather managing to stay dry this Bank Holiday weekend, it gave me some valuable time in my garden! Everything is looking very green, ferns are unfurling and bluebells in flower. My… Continue reading