Otter supper and Green woodpecker Glory….

It was a glorious day at Yew View, with the warm sunshine encouraging insects to make the mot of the last nectar sources.  The Southern Aeshna dragonflies were patrolling the wildlife pond, battling… Continue reading

BirdFair 2016!

  Every year an area on the shores of Rutland water is transformed into the ‘Glastonbury’ for wildlife watchers…. The British Birdwatching Fair, better known simply as ‘BirdFair’! It is not only birds… Continue reading

More August Yew View beauties!

The Sparrowhawk footage I uploaded yesterday was not the only footage I captured from another summer week at Yew View. The kingfishers are visiting still, although not as often as we sometimes see… Continue reading

Yew View Sparrowhawk catches a bat!

Sometimes, the footage I capture at Yew View just amazes me! With cameras recording 24-7, we often film wildlife events that I feel are pretty unique. This week was one of those times!… Continue reading

Review: A Companion to Wildlife Gardening – Chris Baines

  I have recently been lucky enough to receive Chris Baines’ new book, ‘Companion to Wildlife Gardening’ to take a look at. If you are old enough (and I am!) you may own… Continue reading

Badgers take a snooze in our sett!

Over the last month or so, the badgers have been showing more interest in our artificial sett and last week, we had the first significant sleep inside the chamber. Two badgers appeared around… Continue reading

A Little Owl Treat!

Today, I spent a couple of hours with my good friend and fellow wildlife photographer, Pete Walkden. In late in 2015 he was granted access, by a local landowner, to photograph the wildlife on… Continue reading

Otters on the River Severn – Filming with Midlands Today

We have worked hard over the last year, to capture footage of otters around Yew View. From setting Bushnells all along the river bank, to monitoring our artificial holt and creating a floating… Continue reading

Wood ducks, Tawny owl, Stoat and Buzzard-eating Badger!

Another week of great clips from Yew View! With us heading towards August, more fledglings hit the skies above the site, as our swallows fledged along with the wagtails.  Both these families have… Continue reading

Are the Badgers thinking of moving in?

Last November, we built a rather special badger sett on site at Yew View. You can read more about it HERE. With HD cameras, INSIDE the chambers, we have been excited to see… Continue reading