Exciting Sleepover in our Sett!

Almost a year ago now, we built our badger sett and we are really starting to see some serious action in there! I had predicted it would be a year before we saw… Continue reading

A Visit to Bute Park, Cardiff

Today, I visited Cardiff… a city I have not been to before. In fact, I didn’t get as far as the city, as I was there to visit Bute Park, a beautiful green… Continue reading

An extended YewView Stay and night-time PTZ cam fun!

This week, I spent two nights at YewView, house-sitting their 4 collies and brought my two along too! The great thing about actually staying on site is that I get early mornings and… Continue reading

A Countryfile Ramble for Children in Need

I am a regular watcher of Countryfile and, when I saw them advertise their ‘Countryfile Ramble’ in aid of Children in Need, my mind immediately went to how I might get the kids at… Continue reading

Stoats, Grey Wagtail & 2 Badgers in our Sett!

In between working on the tawny box at Yew View this week, I checked all the cameras to see if anything exciting had happened this week. As usual, I was not disappointed! My… Continue reading

Autumnal tidy up….

The garden is in that period where it is starting to look rather messy… but I don’t like to do too much tidying up as it is important to leave seed heads intact… Continue reading

Tawny stump starts to take shape…

With Autumn definitely taking hold, I am keen to get the  Tawny stump completed and up as soon as possible. Last week my carpenter friend, Dave, came over for me to explain the… Continue reading

Squirrels, Badgers, Otters and preparing for Tawnies!

The first cameras I check each week at Yew View are the badger sett and the otter holt. Seeing if there has been any action there during the week is always exciting and… Continue reading

A Return to the Little Owls….

You may remember that a few months ago, I visited a farm site that friend, Pete Walkden, had been working at. He had discovered there was a family of Little owls there and,… Continue reading

The First Day on the New Feeders….

Yesterday, I posted a blog post about two new feeding stations I have set up in my garden. These feeding stations live stream on my website and the cameras are cabled to a computer… Continue reading