UK Blog Awards Evening 2016

I was delighted to be a finalist in the UK Blog Awards this year, for both this WildlifeKate Blog and the blog I write for Michael Drayton Junior school, all about our ‘Wild Learning’. On Friday, my kids and I headed down to London for the Awards Evening. Held at the rather swanky Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster, it was a posh event, requiring me to get out of my usual attire of fleeces and wellies and dress up; a rare event indeed!

With drinks flowing a-plenty and lots of lovely fingers foods appearing, we were soon mingling with all the other bloggers and brands at the event.

Before we knew it, the dry ice was flowing and we were all moving into the large room where the winners were to be announced . Kate Russell introduced the evening and started to work through all the different categories… it was all very exciting!

We soon got to the Education section and Diane, my Head Teacher and I were delighted to find we were Highly Commended!!

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