Nature Nuts with Julian Clary

When I was approached by Oxford Scientific Films last year, for a new wildlife series with Julian Clary, I was somewhat bemused! Julian Clary was not a name synonomous with wildlife, so I… Continue reading

Kingfisher Joys!

I have been working hard to capture the best footage we can of the YewView Kingfishers. We are really privilaged to have a number of individuals visiting every day at the moment. They have… Continue reading

Using Wildlife to Learn

One of my greatest loves and passions is spending time with the younger generation, sharing the natural world with them. I have been a teacher for over 25 years and my current job… Continue reading

Shetland 2015 – Day 7 Sunny St Ninian’s & Sumburgh Head

Shetland is an isle of contrasts… you can often see just about all weather conditions in a matter of hours. We have been incredibly lucky this week and have had cold but bright… Continue reading

Shetland 2015 – Day 6 Hermaness Headland

We awoke to a bright, but breezy day and decided to head up to Hermaness Nature Reserve. This reserve is in the North of Unst and is home to over 100,000 breeding sea birds.… Continue reading

Shetland 2015 – Day 5 Fetlar Phalaropes and more……

This morning, we all headed up to Fetlar, one of the 100 Shetland Islands which lie at the “cross roads of the North Sea”, roughly equidistant between Scotland, Norway and the Faroe islands. It… Continue reading

Shetland 2015 – Day 4 Fulmars, Golden Plover & Otter footage

We all had a rather relaxed start this morning after our late bedtime and busy day yesterday before heading up to a rather blustery Esheness. The coastline is stunning up here and the… Continue reading

Shetland 2015 – Day 3 Otters & Storm Petrels

Wow! What a truly amazing day…. and a very long day, that went on until 2am this morning. We started the day meeting John Moncrieff, a Shetland photographer, who has worked a lot… Continue reading

Shetland 2015 – Day 2

It is quite special to wake up in a location such as this… to stand overlooking the bay with a cup of tea, hoping for a glimpse of an otter and watching arctic… Continue reading

Shetland 2015 – Day 1

I have been looking forward to this week since we booked it in January… a return visit for Pete and I after our last visit in 2011. Thanks to Paula Moss and Magnus,… Continue reading