A Posh New Tawny Box for Yew View… plus latest video clips…

We have had a busy couple of weeks at Yew View, taking the opportunity at this quiet time for wildlife, to prepare for next year. It may seem strange to be planning nesting… Continue reading

Silver Trees ‘Fallow Clearing’ produces another cracking set of images!

Every year, at the beginning of June, I start thinking about taking my Bushnell trail cams up to Silver Trees Holiday Park, on the edge of Cannock Chase. Meeting up with good friend,… Continue reading

Another try with the Bushnell Bird bath set-up..

After the success with the Bushnell and 60cm close-up lens on the CJWildlife bird bath, I decided to try with the 46cm lens. This lens means the camera is closer to the bird… Continue reading

Moving away from ‘traditional’ bedding to nectar rich pots…

The patio end of my garden is a real sun trap, yet the small beds are rocky and difficult to plant successfully. I have always opted for pots here. I love the versatility… Continue reading

Essential Water for Wildlife…..

With this incredibly hot and dry spell, I have water out in lots of places for the wildlife of my garden. My pond, the tyre water holes and other dishes all around ,… Continue reading

Bushnell Shetland Otter Joy! Part 1

You will have seen my recent blog posts from Shetland, as I guide with Shetland Wildlife as part of a special ‘Ultimate Shetland’ tour. This includes us deploying a number of Bushnell trail… Continue reading

My phone pic from the plane makes National Press!

My flight back from Shetland on Monday was amazing, as there was no cloud at all for the whole journey from Inverness to Manchester. I had amazing views as we flew over Scotland,… Continue reading

Walks, Whimbrel , Wren and Bushnell treats!

With our week on Shetland rapidly coming to an end, we headed back down through Unst, to head back to the mainland. We had seen lots of curlew throughout the week, but were… Continue reading

Heading North for more Wildlife….. Otter and Shetland Bumble Bee

Heading North to Unst for a few days, we stopped at Toft Ferry point and all got out to have a scan around whilst we waited to board the ferry. The ferry points… Continue reading

Unst Wildlife……Orca Views and Hermaness Cliffs

What better way to start the day, than an alert telling us orca had been spotted just north of us?! Scrambling everyone together into the minibus, we raced up onto the headland above… Continue reading