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New Garden Feeding Stations

Over the next month or so, I will be having a range of new feeding stations coming online to live stream on my website. With Autumn heading our way, I love feeding the… Continue reading

A Brambling Visitor to my Patch!

This week I have been having a beautiful Brambling visiting. It is only the 2nd time, in nearly 20 years, that I have had this species in the garden and the last time… Continue reading

Bushnell Ladle Feeder

II have been experimenting with a range of different ways to simply set up a Bushnell camera to capture footage of feeding birds. When I saw this 99p Ladle in Lidl, I thought… Continue reading

Exciting new addition to the garden AND blackcap and siskin visitors…..

I have been delighted to have some new visitors to my feeders over the last few weeks and, if you watch my live cameras, I expect you will have seen them! A male… Continue reading

Christmas Mice & Hungry Birds

With a bit of a colder patch lately and the natural food sources running low, there has been a lot of action on my rid feeding stations. I am still waiting for two… Continue reading

Kingfisher watch, snuggling mice and tawny stump potential…

I was keen to get back this week to see how the Tawny Stump was looking. Even with testing at ground level with lights and the camera, only when it is in place and… Continue reading

The First Day on the New Feeders….

Yesterday, I posted a blog post about two new feeding stations I have set up in my garden. These feeding stations live stream on my website and the cameras are cabled to a computer… Continue reading

Wildlife Projects back in My Patch!

Projects back in my patch have been a little lacking of late. With lots happening at Yew View and other work commitments, my projects have been quite down the pile of things to… Continue reading

#30DaysWild – Day 28 What Busy Feeders!

Normally, at this time of year, I feed less food to the birds, but the feeders seem as busy as ever! There are lots of fledglings around and today I have seen young… Continue reading

#30DaysWild – Day 10 Fledgling Friday

It is always rather strange when I am left looking at lots of empty nest boxes on my cameras, but worth it when I see them all out in the garden. There are… Continue reading