Autumnal Delights

Summer seemed to end rather abruptly and we accelerated in Autumn at an alarming pace! One minute we were in shorts and the ground was scorched and brown…. then some autumnal rain and… Continue reading

The New External Tawny Cam is Looking Good!

I have very nearly finished the Yew View Tawny box now. It now has two internal cameras and, last week, Dave and I moved the external camera , as it was still in… Continue reading

The Yew View Tawny Box is up… and first visitors are in!!

Just before I headed up to Scotland, Dave and I wanted to get the Yew View new tawny box up. The tawnies have a period where they don’t spend much time at the… Continue reading

Can you get your council to set aside a ‘No Mow Zone’?

Back in June, after having numerous discussions with Nick Burton, Open Spaces Officer, at Lichfield Council, we managed to get the council mowing team to agree to not mow a section of the… Continue reading

A Week at Dolphin View Cottages, Hillockhead on the Black Isle: Part 2 – Bushnell Joy!

One of the elements of my visit, to Hillockhead, that I was most looking forward to was exploring the local area with Tim to discover what wildlife potential it had. For people like… Continue reading

A Week at Dolphin View Cottages, Hillockhead on the Black Isle: Part 1

When I told friends I was going to the Black Isle, most did not know where it was. The Black Isle is, in fact,  a peninsula in the Highlands of Scotland, located north… Continue reading

The Bird Fair, Rutland Water 2018

As I drove into the car park of Bird Fair 2018, at Rutland Water, I could not believe that another year had passed! It only seems like last week, we were setting up… Continue reading

A Mummified Mustelid!

I always have a huge list of things I want to achieve over the summer, when I theoretically have 2 extra days to my week when I am not teaching. I actually think… Continue reading

A Fantastic Little Owl Fix!

When I heard from good friend, Pete Walkden, that his little owls were around and active, I was keen to get down to see them and also to set the Bushnell up there… Continue reading

Bushnell Tawny Owl Delights at Yew View

It has been great to check the cameras at Yew View and know that our tawny family are very much still around on site, especially as Dave Harper and I have been investing… Continue reading