Squirrel visitors in the Tawny Box and Otters in the pond!

We are now half way through incubation in the Yew View Tawny nest box and it has been a challenging week for my pair… in more ways than one! Firstly, the weather has… Continue reading

Wonderful ‘Lost Words’ inspired artwork at High Meadow Infant School….

When Debby Hughes, Head Teacher from High Meadow Infant School, ¬†approached me about an Arts Week they had planned based on the wonderful book, The Lost Words by Rob MacFarlane and Jackie Morris… Continue reading

We have 4 tawny eggs and otters visiting almost every night!

It has been an exciting week! I have regularly been logging remotely onto the tawny box at Yew View and was delighted to see that our female had laid another egg, taking us… Continue reading

A quick Visit to Hillockhead; Pine Marten, Siskin and lots of Toads…

This weekend, I flew up to Inverness for ¬†quick visit to see Tim and Hillockhead, go to a Marine Forum and to put up a Vivara Pro pine marten box that we had… Continue reading

We have Tawny Eggs! Exciting new Tawny Footage from Yew View…

For the last two years, our Yew View tawny has laid around the 5th March. This week, when I logged remote onto the camera, I saw she had remained in the box at… Continue reading

The badgers are back and it’s looking good for the tawnies!

A misty start at Yew View soon turned into a beautiful day as the sun burnt through and temperatures began to rise. With the Spring flowers really taking hold, it was wonderful to… Continue reading

BBC Midlands Today film for Big School Birdwatch!

It was an exciting day in school for the pupils on Tuesday as we had BBC Midlands Today coming to film the work they had been doing feeding and filming wildlife in the… Continue reading

Back to my Patch… Brambling beauties and photographing my locals…..

I am always excited to have a new visitor to my feeders and this week, that new visitor has been a brambling! It has been windy this week and I was writing at… Continue reading

Connecting Birds, Kids and Technology…….

We’re doing lots of work at Michael Drayton Junior to learn about the wildlife that is in our school grounds. We are lucky enough to have a super site and, as we continue… Continue reading

An Ottertastic and Tawnytastic week at Yew View!

This week has been an exciting one for footage as the visits by the resident otters has increased greatly. We usually get one or two visits per week, usually by the male sprainting… Continue reading