‘How to make a Wild Flower Meadow’ – my contribution to a new book

Yesterday, I received a copy of a book I had contributed to, after I took a journey into creating a wild flower meadow in my garden. I have since installed two more wild… Continue reading

Badger Sett Snoozes & Tawny Owl Visits

The conditions at Yew View were far from ideal this week. With gale force winds battering the area, I was glad to arrive safely after a hairy drive up the M5. Luckily, I… Continue reading

More Bushnell cam set-ups at Yew View…..

Whilst the reed buntings are abundant on site, I was keen to try to get some more footage of them. I took the Bushnell ladle cam and set it up for photos initially.… Continue reading

Bushnell Ladle Feeder

II have been experimenting with a range of different ways to simply set up a Bushnell camera to capture footage of feeding birds. When I saw this 99p Ladle in Lidl, I thought… Continue reading

Tawny action, fox visits, polecat dens & reed buntings

I have a couple of weeks of action to catch up with at Yew View! It has been pretty grey and cold on site, but Spring has sprung in terms of the snowdrops… Continue reading

Exciting new addition to the garden AND blackcap and siskin visitors…..

I have been delighted to have some new visitors to my feeders over the last few weeks and, if you watch my live cameras, I expect you will have seen them! A male… Continue reading

Big Schools’ Birdwatch… our video about feeding the birds!

I have posted this video on our school blog, but wanted to share it on my own blog too. I have been working with the pupils at Michael Drayton to make our school… Continue reading

Big Garden Birdwatch 2017 … plus more camera trapping!

I can hardly believe that a year has passed since Big Garden Birdwatch 2016! Time is certainly flying past. I have been watching my garden closely all this weekend. Helped by all the… Continue reading

My Inspiration: I begin a journey into DSLR camera trapping!

For the last few years, I have been in awe of some of the incredible DSLR camera trap from a range of British wildlife photographers and those working on the more elusive animals… Continue reading

A Polecat Den for Yew View

After filming the polecat around Yew View, I was keen to try to set something up that would possibly provide somewhere for them to sleep so we could film them.  I decided to… Continue reading