Build your own Hibernaculum!

What is a ‘Hibernaculum’, you may ask? The word ‘hibernaculum’ has  Latin roots, meaning “winter quarter”, with hibernus being Latin for winter. Thus, hibernacula are places of refuge that creatures seek-out in cold… Continue reading

Relaxed badgers chill out in our sett

This week at YewView revealed that at least two badgers are still using our camera sett, spending increasing amounts of time in the chambers. Even during the day, one or two individuals are… Continue reading

Squirrel Family Antics and Kingfisher Catches

This week’s activity in the tawny box looked like a furry crèche, with the squirrel babies growing fast and full of fun and antics! They were clambering all over the box, frolicking and… Continue reading

New Garden Feeding Stations

Over the next month or so, I will be having a range of new feeding stations coming online to live stream on my website. With Autumn heading our way, I love feeding the… Continue reading

A Week of Wildlife Activities at Yew View!

Last week, after a 3 week absence at Yew View, I spent the whole week there! This time, I was able to combine house-sitting (and looking after all the animals) with some other… Continue reading

Osa Conservation – Costa Rica Part 4: WildlifeKate Working with Osa Conservation

One of the reasons I went out to Osa Conservation was to explores how some of my skills, knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm could be put to good use by the organisation. My work… Continue reading

Osa Conservation – Costa Rica Part 4: Turtle Hatchery, Vultures and Hawks

My experience with releasing the turtle hatchlings was incredible and I was keen to take part in another part of the work the volunteers  undertake. The goal of our Sea Turtle Program is… Continue reading

Osa Conservation – Costa Rica Part 3: Wildlife Galore; The Rainforest Habitat, Species & Research

You very quickly become part of the ‘Osa Family’ at Piro. A shared passion for wildlife and a desire to do something that will make a difference, pulls you together like no other… Continue reading

Osa Conservation – Costa Rica Part 2: The Adventure Begins …….

Nothing quite prepares you for being in the rainforest in Costa Rica. The heat and humidity is almost overwhelming to start with. My visit was at the beginning of the rainy season, but… Continue reading

Osa Conservation – Costa Rica Part 1: My Journey to Piro Biological Station

I have been struggling to know where to start to document the brief, but life-changing experience I had in Costa Rica last week! I will be attempting to share this incredible trip with… Continue reading