My Big Garden Bird Watch Results 2018

I have a great advantage when counting birds in my garden for the Big Garden Bird Watch… I have numerous cameras and obviously, I can count from my window too; birds that may… Continue reading

Win a Manhattan Bird Table & 20kg of Seed!

I always look forward to the weekend that is ‘Big Garden Bird Watch ‘. Feeding the birds and watching them is a big part of my life and a love of birds stems from… Continue reading

Building up to RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch with the wildlife in my patch!

It has been a very cold and snowy weekend and, with lots of desk-based work to do, I am always glad of all my live cameras! Being able to watch all my cameras… Continue reading

How many foxes are there visiting my cameras?

Anyone who has logged onto my Fox Cam over the last week, will know that there are several visitors and they can appear any time after dark. The more I watch these visitors,… Continue reading

Monitoring feeders using the Bushnell NatureView Live View

I have been delighted to have 3 bullfinch visiting over the last few months; one female and two males. I wanted to see if I could capture them using the trail cam so… Continue reading

Birds of Prey and Badger Antics

Despite it being January, there is still plenty going on at YewView. With the cold weather and the wildlife pond freezing over regularly, our kingfishers have not been visiting very often. This doesn’t… Continue reading

WildlifeKate Patch Camera Updates

It has been a busy month in my garden, with lots of new feeders and the birds taking full advantage of all the different foods on offer. With my cameras live streaming on… Continue reading

The End of 2017 at Yew View… Barn Owl Appearance and Frisky Badgers!

It has been a pretty incredible year at Yew View, with the major highlights being our breeding tawny owls and the badgers using our camera badger sett. Their appearance on BBC Autumnwatch has… Continue reading

The 2017 Christmas Mammal Box goes away for another year…….

With another Christmas over, I have taken out the Christmas Mammal Sitting room, popping it away for another year! This set-up always makes me smile and I love setting it up and rejuvenating… Continue reading

Christmas Wildlife at Home catch-up!

It has been lovely to have a bit of time at home with my family and to add some lovely wildlife themed gifts to my growing collection! The pets got into the swing… Continue reading