I complete the Lichfield Sprint Triathlon!

As many of you know, I set myself a challenge this year, my 50th year; to complete a triathlon! I took part in a GoTri ‘This Girl Can’ training programme at the local… Continue reading

Hedgehogs back in my patch!

After capturing footage of two hedgehogs mating at my fox feeding station this week, I set up my Prickly Diner feeding station in the same location. Priming it with a tasty mixture of… Continue reading

Yew View badger updates….

The badgers at Yew View are active at the moment and we are lucky enough to be capturing on the cameras in daylight now, as they often emerge just as the light begins… Continue reading

A mixed diet for our growing owlets!

The Yew View owlets are growing at an amazing pace and it’s not surprising as there is quite a lot of prey coming in from the parents… sometimes not what you would expect!… Continue reading

Creeping Foxes and a Prickly Affair…….

My vixen has been visiting nightly for a snack. She is feeding cubs somewhere and is now looking quite thin. I am thinking that she probably has quite a few cubs, as all… Continue reading

An iPhone snapshot of my April Garden….

Incredibly easy now to take photos, videos and even write blog posts whilst enjoying the last of the April sunshine in my garden . This entire post is done from my phone….. without… Continue reading

Get going on your Bee Hotels!

Now is the time to get your Bee hotels up! They are so easy to make or purchase… these great ones are just £3 at Morrisons! I have a mixture of bought and… Continue reading

The Yew View Tawnies are growing fast!

I can’t quite believe the difference the last week has made to our two beautiful owlets at Yew View. This week, they have become much stronger and more mobile and their feathers are… Continue reading

Owlets & Otters!

I couldn’t wait to get to Yew View this week as it meant I could look at the footage of our owlets! Although I can access a low resolution feed on my home… Continue reading

Badger Pamper Session in the Yew View sett!

The badgers at Yew View are gradually spending more and more time in the camera sett. We are capturing some really lovely footage inside the chambers and the new microphone is picking up… Continue reading