Mini Mammal Christmas

If you have followed me for a while, you will be familiar with my more novel set-ups in my mammal box! This box is designed so I can create a mini ‘set’ and… Continue reading

Kingfisher watch, snuggling mice and tawny stump potential…

I was keen to get back this week to see how the Tawny Stump was looking. Even with testing at ground level with lights and the camera, only when it is in place and… Continue reading

Tawny Stump Challenge!

When I came up with the idea of creating a more natural nesting space for our resident tawnies, I had not quite anticipated how difficult it would be to bring the idea to… Continue reading

Tawnies, Muntjac and Polecat appearances

The tawnies are beginning to prospect a little more and, in the last week or so, we have had several visits to the nest box. These clips show the male (I think )… Continue reading

Learn about Wildlife through a Practical Project

The best way to teach children about the wildlife  in their own locality is to immerse them in that habitat and to involve them in a practical project that helps them learn about… Continue reading

Otters on rising waters with Stoat, polecat & badger action!

I posted last week about the rising water levels at Yew View this week. When I arrived, I was astounded at the levels as, in just a few days, the river had risen… Continue reading

Heavy rain tests our floating otter cam platform….

You may remember that, back in July, I built a floating platform for our HD otter cam. It is always a risk putting an expensive kit  near a river that is renowned for… Continue reading

November Tawny Box Action at Yew View

It is usually December and January that we start to get interest in our Tawny box at Yew View. For the last two years, this pair have shown a lot of interest and… Continue reading

Autumnal Action at Yew View

This is a bit of a mega update from Yew View, with me spending 3 days on site over the last week and a half, including a couple of nights. Staying over on… Continue reading

High profile wildlife themes in latest Christmas adverts….

I am not a big one for Christmas in early November and my Christmas tree rarely goes up earlier than a week before…. and is usually back down before the end of December!… Continue reading