BBC1 – Wild Shetland – Scotland’s Viking Frontier…. a must watch!

As many of you will know, I travel up to the Shetland Isles each year for a week, to guide with Hugh Harrop and ‘Shetland Wildlife’. It is one of the weeks in… Continue reading

Are you ready for the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend?

2019 celebrates the 40th year of the RSPB  Big Garden Birdwatch and the survey weekend is nearly upon us! During the weekend of 26-28th January everyone in the UK the chance to take… Continue reading

Muntjac Visitors with Reed Bunting and Tawnies…..

I am always surprised to see Muntjac at Yew View… for two reasons. There are not many obvious laces where they can get in, apart from jumping over gates and fences and also… Continue reading

Lots of hungry Visitors in the WildlifeKate Patch

With only a week to go until the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, I’m pleased to see the feeders so busy! This year, I have seen more greenfinch and house sparrows than I have… Continue reading

Tawnies, Muntjac, Badgers and Reed Bunting.. this week at Yew View

After almost 3 weeks away from Yew View for the Christmas break, I couldn’t believe how much Spring ‘sprung’ on site! The daffodils on the bank are showing buds and the snowdrops in… Continue reading

Lichfield’s Peace Woodland

After hearing about a call for volunteers, I joined with some friends to plant some of the many trees that are going to form an incredible ‘Peace Woodland’ in our local park in… Continue reading

Starting 2019 with Wildlife… of course!

I cannot believe another year has started and, although it was rather gloomy weather here on the Black Isle this morning, we decided to head up to the Black Isle Nature Photography Hides. You… Continue reading

Pine Marten Camera Trap Success at Hillockhead

Tim has been keen to get some DSLR camera trap set-ups in the woods near to his properties at Hillockhead, on the Black Isle, as the Bushnells have been showing regular visits by… Continue reading

Seeing out 2018 on the Black Isle; Pine Marten, Otter and windy coastlines…

I decided to head up to Hillockhead, with Wren, to see out 2018… the open spaces, coast and the prospect of lots of trail cam footage is always a big pull for me… Continue reading

Christmas Delights in the WildlifeKate Patch!

Christmas decorations on my bird snack bar and a novel Mammal Feeding Station set up have become an annual challenge and the wildlife has performed admirably  this year so far! The Bird snack… Continue reading