A Final Visit to the Red Squirrels before home….

Rising temperatures overnight meant that the snow had all but disappeared by this morning. I only had a few hours before heading to the airport to fly home, so we headed to the… Continue reading

Crested tits in Snowy Woodlands

With more snow falling overnight, we were all up early to head back to the crested tit site. The skies were clearing and the forecast was good… we couldn’t quite believe our luck.… Continue reading

Snowy Red Squirrel Joy!

When we went to bed last night, it was snowing quite heavily but, by the morning a lot of it had disappeared up at Andy’s house. Loading the car up, we headed down to… Continue reading

Morning; Lichfield… Afternoon; Highland Red Squirrels!

I have been looking forward to this week since I booked flights to Inverness back in September. Escaping for a few days with my camera is a luxury as I have hardly had… Continue reading

Polecat and Buzzard snack

Quite quiet on the wildlife front at Yew View this last week. The badgers are less active, but still visiting the feeding station with the foxes, for a snack every evening . One… Continue reading

Great views in my Mammal Box

With no sign of any hedgehogs, I tend to update this ‘Prickly Diner’ hedgehog feeding station box to attract and film wild small mammals. I fill the area with natural materials to create… Continue reading

More Yew View Polecat Appearances

It was great to be back at Yew View this week and to catch up on the captures from over the Christmas period. One of the first cameras I checked was our Tawny Stump,… Continue reading

‘Grow Now’ Magazine Appearance

I was surprised this week when Pete, one of the gardener s at Yew View told me there was a little piece about me in the February edition of ‘Grow Now’ Magazine! Lovely… Continue reading

‘Penguin Bloom’ – The most touching and beautiful book I have read…

I first read about ‘Penguin Bloom’ on the Internet when I came across some beautiful photographs taken by Cameron Bloom. Penguin Bloom is the story of an Australian family who rescued a ‘a tiny,… Continue reading

Christmas Mice & Hungry Birds

With a bit of a colder patch lately and the natural food sources running low, there has been a lot of action on my rid feeding stations. I am still waiting for two… Continue reading