A Mid-April Garden Update……

Lots of activity in my garden and, with all the nesting activity, I thought it would be good to set up some experiments with nesting material… It’s always great watching the birds on… Continue reading

The Yew View Tawnies owlets are growing fast

I could not wait to see how the owlets had been getting on in the last week. I can have a low resolution feed onto my PC at home and I can access… Continue reading

Spring hits my Patch… at last!

  Spring has finally arrived and what a stunning few days it’s been! So lovely to be outside in warm sunshine watching how the garden responds to the rise in temperature. I think… Continue reading

A Mammal Maze Update….

My Mammal Maze Challenge is working really well and the rats and wood mice have been using it every night. Have set a couple of additional challenges since my last blog post. After… Continue reading

Yew View Badger Updates….

With all the excitement of the tawny owlets, the badgers took second place in terms of checking their antics for the week. When I did have a look through their cameras, I was… Continue reading

Our Yew View Tawny eggs hatch!

I couldn’t wait to get to Yew View this week as I had seen, via my icatcher app on my phone (that can access all my cameras) that the tawny eggs had hatched.… Continue reading

A Nest Box Update- Mega Moss Intake!

The weather is getting a little warmer and activity has increased within the nest boxes. The blue tits always build the majority of the nest with moss and there is plenty of it… Continue reading

Sunday Goldcrests

I was working out in the garden on Sunday and I could hear the distinctive high pitch call of a goldcrest. They love one particular¬†fir tree I have in the garden and I… Continue reading

My Mammal Maze Goes Live!

Some months ago now, Tom worked with me on another of my crazy projects; to create a Mammal Maze for the rats, mice and possibly squirrels in my garden. Inspired by the mouse… Continue reading

Working with Cannock Chase AONB and West Midland Bird Club

I was approached some months ago, by West Midland Bird Club (WMBC) and Cannock Chase AONB to collaborate with them on a new project. They were looking to create some materials to help… Continue reading