Kestrel Battles in my Garden….

A few weeks ago, a pair of kestrels started showing an interest in a large nest box I have up at the end of my garden. Unfortunately, the jackdaws were interested in the… Continue reading

Tawny Delights at Yew View

We are now half way through the tawny incubation and the male is working hard to feed the female, bringing between 1 -4 prey items every 24hr period. At present, the majority of… Continue reading

Owls, Badgers and Nocturnal Filming for Channel 5

It has been a busy week! I have spent the last 4 nights filming with Adrian Cale, Rob and the team with Pioneer Productions for a Channel 5 series on nocturnal animals, due… Continue reading

A Brambling visits my feeders!

Last year, I had a single male brambling visiting for a while. I saw a female earlier in the year, but today a stunning male visited my hub feeders. Watch out for him… Continue reading

Inside and Outside the Kestrel Box.. more action today

This morning, I swung my PTZ camera around so it was trained on the outside of  the nest box that the kestrels are interested in. It showed that several jackdaws are also going to… Continue reading

My Mountain Hare pics make the Press!

I was thrilled today to find out that my Mountain Hare pics from my recent visit to Scotland, appeared in both the Scottish Herald and The Times! Always nice to have images reaching… Continue reading

An Unexpected Kestrel Arrival…..

Whilst in the garden at the weekend, I was delighted to hear the distinctive call of a kestrel. I have not seen kestrels around here for a few years, yet they used to… Continue reading

Snowy Wildlife and Tawny Excitement!

A combination of a trip to Scotland and such snowy conditions, I had not caught up with the cams at Yew Vire for about 3 weeks. That is a lot of footage to… Continue reading

I identify at least 6 foxes visiting!

Watching my foxes on a daily basis, I have been trying to identify individuals. I thought I had at least 4 visiting, but a close look at recent footage, particularly over this last… Continue reading

Frosted Red Grouse……

We have been incredibly lucky with the weather whilst up here in Scotland. The last two mornings have dawned bright and frosty, with temperatures hovering around the -4 mark. With Lochindorb so close… Continue reading