Fabulous Fetlar Phalaropes: Ultimate Shetland Day 4

The day dawned bright, sunny and breezy as we loaded up the minibus, ready for our trip over to Fetlar.¬†Fetlar lies South of Unst and to the East of Yell, and together the… Continue reading

Seabird Spectacular, Gannet Frenzy & Mousa Storm petrels: Ultimate Shetland Day 5

Our time on Unst was coming to an end, but we had one more site to visit before we left and headed back down south. This was a visit to Keen of Hamar.… Continue reading

Pilot Whales, Bonxies and Soaring Gannets: Ultimate Shetland Day 3

We left early, heading north to the island of Unst that would be our home for the next few days. On route, the great Shetland cetacean grapevine informed us that some pilot whales… Continue reading

Orca, Eider and Shetland Wren: Ultimate Shetland Day 2

It has been a pretty incredible day! When I returned to Shetland, I had hoped that the orca may make a reappearance. They appeared on the shores less than a month after I… Continue reading

Flying Puffins, Arctic Skua & Dabbling Eider: Ultimate Shetland Day 1

The heatwave on the mainland has not quite made its way up to Shetland yet! We headed to Sumburgh Head in our fleeces, outdoor coats and hats with a keen wind. Once again,… Continue reading

Puffins and hovering wheatear….

Our clients for the Ultimate Shetland Tour with Shetland Wildlife arrive of their tour on Saturday so Paula and I wanted to make the most of the last day we had together before… Continue reading

A visit to the wonderful Skeld Primary School, in Shetland

I am back up in Shetland again, to run a wildlife tour with Hugh Harrop of Shetland Wildlife. I have come up a few days early to spend some time with friends, Paula… Continue reading

Osa Conservation, Costa Rica….. A dream trip, come true!

Last week, I had a pretty incredible week. Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have seen some of my tweets, that announced that I would be travelling to the OSA peninsula in… Continue reading

Pipe Green Trust loveliness….

I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of a very special piece of land that many dog owners in Lichfield will know and love. It is a very popular dog walking… Continue reading

More Badger Cub Moments & Demoiselle Beauties

I was delighted to see that the female badger and her cub had, once again, spent some considerable time in our artificial sett this week. This pair spent several nights in here, sometimes… Continue reading