Finland 2019 – Stunning Squirrels

The Finnish forests surrounding the area I stayed were just beautiful. The mixture of evergreens and deciduous species meant that the colours were even more stunning. The clean air also means that there… Continue reading

Finland 2019 – The Birds

You may have thought that my Finland trip was mainly about the bears. Of course, they were a huge, and very special, part of the trip. There was plenty of other wildlife to… Continue reading

Finland 2019 – Remote Camera Heaven!

Nearly half of the luggage I took to Finland was camera kit! Part of the reason I was going was to explore what kit we could use to show visitors the wildlife that… Continue reading

Finland 2019 – The Elusive Wolverine

It is sad. If you google ‘wolverine’, you get a fictional Marvel character, rather than the stunning mustelid that the cartoon character was named after. Many will have no idea what a wolverine… Continue reading

Finland 2019 – The Bears

As explained in my previous post, the site I visited last week is in North East Finland, very close to the Russian border. It is one of the wildest, most untouched environments in… Continue reading

Finland 2019- An Introduction

The light is dropping, as is the temperature. I am sitting in, what feels like, a small wooden shed. It is not in my garden. It is in the Finnish wilderness, very close… Continue reading

The First Yew View Otter Holt Camera goes in as the Badgers move in again….

There has been quite a lot of camera maintenance to do over the last few weeks at Yew View. With so much cabling and technology, it all needs checking and maintaining. It can… Continue reading

Filming my Garden Feeders

I am just a tad obsessed with birds, bird feeders and cameras to film them. You will know that if you follow me on social media! I have lots of feeding stations in… Continue reading

Rare Polecat Sighting in my Patch!

I am pretty familiar with all the species that visit my garden and I have a selection that expect to see on a regular basis, which includes lots of birds and quite a… Continue reading

Hillockhead Pine Marten

It is great visiting a location where there are species that you don’t get at home. At Hillockhead, there are some lovely pristine woodlands bordering Tim’s property and, when I went up last… Continue reading