A Visit to Aigas Field Centre – Part 2: Birdsy Camera Set-up

I was keen to get a Birdsy camera set-up here at Aigas Field Centre. There is an enthusiastic team of rangers who will be able to keep the platform loaded with food and… Continue reading

A Visit to Aigas Field Centre: Part 1

This week, I am back up in the highlands of Scotland, this time working with the Aigas Field Centre. Aigas is pretty unique. It is both the family home of Sir John &… Continue reading

Some new ‘Roamwild’ feeders in the WildlifeKate Patch!

Anyone who watches my live cameras will have regularly seen squirrels on my feeders. As with many people, I fight a constant battle with grey squirrels attacking and often ruining feeders, as well… Continue reading

My RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2020

Every day is a Big Garden Birdwatch in my garden, as I have a network of cameras and I monitor all the feeders constantly! I could have predicted the species that I would… Continue reading

A Great Start to 2020 at Yew View – Tawny Owls & Interesting Feeding Station Meetings!

We had a great year at Yew View last year, with lots of great wildlife and some amazing insights into the lives of our local wildlife, especially our lovely Tawny Owl pair who… Continue reading

WildlifeKate in Ecuador – El Septimo Paraiso: Part 1 – The Hotel & Grounds

We were on the move again. Leaving Bellavista late afternoon, we headed to my final destination for just about all of the rest of my visit. I was heading to El Septimo Paraiso,… Continue reading

WildlifeKate in Ecuador: Day 4 – Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve

Our next stop in my amazing visit to Ecuador was the Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve. You can find out more them on their website, by clicking the link below: We arrived in the… Continue reading

WildlifeKate in Ecuador: Day 3 – A Visit to The Refugio Paz de Las Aves – Cock of the Rock & elusive Antpittas

Another very early start and Danny I I left the lovely Maquipucuna Lodge and we were back on the road track before daylight. We had an early appointment with one of the iconic… Continue reading

WildlifeKate in Ecuador: Day 2 – We head to Maquipucuna Reserve

It was a 5am start this morning and, after a good sleep, I felt much refreshed and ready to face another exciting day. Heaving all my gear downstairs, I was soon loaded into… Continue reading

WildlifeKate in Ecuador: Day 1 – Antisana Reserve and Tambo Condor

After months of planning and emails, the day had finally arrived! With Christmas done and dusted and a rapid take down of all my Christmas decorations, I made final checks on my luggage,… Continue reading