Blue tits pop in

Whereas the Great tits were viewing the ‘odd box’ yesterday, it was the blue tits who were more interested today! Had lots of heads pop in and then this guy came right in… Continue reading

‘Odd box’ mystery visitor

I put the odd box up yesterday… here it is ‘in situ’. I left the the computer monitoring the odd box today. When I played it back, I was suprised to see this… Continue reading

Foxes visit again

I left the camera running in the garden again and put out some dog food and some dog biscuits. The first fox appeared at around midnight. I think this one looks a little… Continue reading

Gardenature ‘Odd Box’ up

I managed to put my Gardenature ‘odd box’ up today. It is so called because of the rather strange shape it is. The reason is that the camera is angled so that you… Continue reading

Busy blue tit viewers

The oak tree nest box has been very busy today, with a pair constantly in and out. Whilst working at my destk today, I made a note of the times they came in… Continue reading

Visitor to Kestrel box

Had the first visitor to my kestrel box today…. not quite the visitor I had been hoping for! Never mind!

Night-time visitors!

As soon as I got up this morning, I went to see if my garden camera had caught any action. The food bowl was empty and the egg had gone, so I knew… Continue reading

Garden Night-time Camera’s maiden run

Tonight I am going to put some food out and leave the night camera on and monitor any visitors. After removing the large spider web that some kind arachnid had built right across… Continue reading

Kestrel Box all wired into office!

I had set up my kestrel box at the weekend, but the wires were not long enough to reach my office, so I had to look at the images in my conservatory on… Continue reading

Garden Camera set up!

I have set up and focused my garden camera ready to see if I can catch some night time footage of any visitors. Trouble is, I can only monitor one camera at a… Continue reading