Kestrel Box all wired into office!

I had set up my kestrel box at the weekend, but the wires were not long enough to reach my office, so I had to look at the images in my conservatory on… Continue reading

Garden Camera set up!

I have set up and focused my garden camera ready to see if I can catch some night time footage of any visitors. Trouble is, I can only monitor one camera at a… Continue reading

Oak tree blue tits

Following advice from Jason at Gardenature, I have adjusted the camera slightly in the oak tree nestbox. I learnt that the birds usually build the nest at the back of the box, so… Continue reading

Action in oak tree nest box!!

To try and monitor what is happening in my nestboxes, I uploaded a free trial version of¬† ‘i-catcher’. This is a piece of ¬†motion detection software. It picks up the camera and then… Continue reading

Kestrel Box viewing

Already seen something inspecting the kestrel box…… a nuthatch! Rather a large residence for such a small bird! Below is a link to a short video I took whilst balanced up the ladder!… Continue reading

Spagetti Junction!

Wow! What a weekend. Yesterday spent putting up the kestrel box, then today I mounted the nestbox in the oak tree, ran 40m of cable through a very prickly blackthorn and holly hedge… Continue reading

Kestrel Box ready for action!

A few more photos of the final stages of setting up the kestrel box! Grim day and we eventually came in soaking wet and covered in mud and green algae off of the… Continue reading

Kestrel Box set-up

On Friday, I was excited to pick up my new Kestrel nestbox from Riverside Woodcraft, a small business who operate from a farm near me. They did a brilliant job in building me… Continue reading

Welcome to my Garden Wildlife Blog!

Hi and welcome to my Garden Wildlife Blog. This spring, I have been working hard to set up a selection of cameras in my garden to try and get a new exciting viewpoint… Continue reading