Sparrowhawk Encounter

On returning from a meeting today, I drove up the lane and was just about to pull into my drive, when I noticed something on the ground, in the middle of the entrance… Continue reading

New visitor to ‘odd box’!

I was pleasantly suprised today to see a new visitor to one of the boxes. When I played back my footage of today’s action, I noticed an interesting head looking into the odd… Continue reading

Four Box Action!

Came home from work today to find my footage showed lots of action! All four boxes were visited today… the oak tree box still have most visitors, but quite a few visits to… Continue reading

Has nesting begun?

Had a quick look through the footage of today. Not too much action… it has been pretty windy and cold here. A couple of visits to the green box and odd box, but… Continue reading

Oak tree nest box: Bird hide treehouse

My oak tree nest box is mounted on an oak tree that is opposite my children’s treehouse (which they have long grown out of!) It is basically a small shed, mounted up on… Continue reading

Badger Sett Discovery

I have been hoping to find some other wildlife to watch, photograph and hopefully film and today I discovered a badger sett less than half a mile from my house! I had been… Continue reading

Still only blue tits…..

The last few days have seen a steady flow of visitors to all 4 boxes. The oak tree one still dominates by far with a constant stream of blue tits (not sure if… Continue reading

Nestbox update

The last few days have continued to see an amazing amount of action in the oak tree nestbox. Less action in the other boxes. The frogs have started moving around in the pond… Continue reading

Blue tit Bonanza!

I monitored all four nestboxes today using the quadbox and was quite excited to look through it, with activity being registered from 7.30am until about 5pm. The vast majority of  the action was… Continue reading

Quad box monitoring

I have recently set up a quad box for my nestbox cameras. This piece of kit plugs into the PC and then you can plug in upto 4 cameras into the back. You… Continue reading