Have they started?

 Have the blue tits finally actually started building their nest? I caught a couple of bits of footage today of them bringing some moss and some grass in. They also popped in and… Continue reading

Nestbox update

The oak tree box is still leading the way in terms of number of visitors per day. The bluetits are in and out every ten minutes or so, although some interest from nuthatch (see… Continue reading

Nuthatch visitor

Delighted to see that a nuthatch actually came into the oak tree nest box today and had a good look around. I have seen a  couple of beaks, but they have not looked… Continue reading

More frogs …… and spawn!

I cannot remember having so many frogs in my relatively small pond! I counted more than 30 today and one end of the pond is just completely full of frogspawn! I spent quite… Continue reading

Blue tit visitors

I got up quite early , as it was a beautiful sunny morning and climbed up into the treehouse to try and get some shots of the blue tits coming in and out… Continue reading

Mystery Beak

On watching the footage back today this beak made a brief appearance….. difficult to see in the picture and it was only on three frames.. this one showed the most. Quite a long… Continue reading

Frogspawn Frenzy

Well, the pond is quite literally heaving with frogs and already there are huge clumps of spawn. Rather dull again today, but I managed to grab a few shots. I used the tripod,… Continue reading

First frog spawn in pond

Yesterday, I photographed the frogs in the pond and said there was no spawn. Today when I walked past, I noticed that there was one clump… then tonight when I went up, there must… Continue reading

Frog action in the pond

With the temperatures beginning to rise, the frogs are beginning to be more active in the pond. No spawn yet, but I don’t think it will be long. Last year, I had spawn… Continue reading

Crocus Shots

The sun made a brief appearance today and I nipped out to take a photo of the crocuses before the birds start nibbling them. Their colours are so vibrant and with the tete-a… Continue reading