Oak tree nestbox update

Well, the blue tits are still furiously collecting moss and the nestbox is filling up. I discovered where they are getting it all from. I went up the garden today to find that my… Continue reading

Wren look in!

Finally sat down to watch the footage of today’s cameras and was really pleased to see a new species look  in at the ‘robin’ box! At first, I thought it was a tree… Continue reading

Blackcap in garden

I got up early this morning and went out for about an hour… up the lane and across the fields. The whole walk was full of birds singing! It was lovely. A moorhen is… Continue reading

More Moss!

There has been much collecting of moss today, with the bluetits busy in the nest box from about 7.30am until about 7pm! 90% of the nest seems to be moss and a lot… Continue reading

Nest update

I have been away for  a few days…. plus forgot to publish one of my posts! Blue tits still building in oak tree box, as detailed below. I am still getting look-ins in… Continue reading

Fox Visit

Last weekend, I decided to turn the night camera around so instead of facing the patio, it faced outwards onto the field. I was hoping to cut down on the neighbours 3 cats… Continue reading

Spring Flora

The garden is really starting to come alive after this week’ s warm weather. The bank outside my front door is planted with lots of different Hellebores and a selection of bulbs…. it… Continue reading

Nest building activity

The blue tits in the oak tree nest box seem to have satrted collecting nest building materials more seriously today…. although they seem to have removed it as fast as they have bought… Continue reading

First Chiffchaff of the Spring

I heard my first ChiffChaff today! Sure sign that spring is here. There is one individual who has been calling all day today. For those who don’t know what a chiffchaff sounds like,… Continue reading

Odd box update

I am still having less interest in this box than the oak tree one, but the house sparrow male was in the garden again today, but he didn’t look in the box again.… Continue reading