Green Box interest

I was starting to wonder whether the blue tits who bought the moss in a few days ago were going to return…. today there have been about six visits to the box…. no… Continue reading

Oak tree nest box

A much quieter day in here. I have changed the cable to this box and the image is considerably better and more consistent now. Have only had a couple of visits from the… Continue reading

Oak tree nestbox slows down

There has been less activity in the oak tree nest box today. They have come in and out a few times, but often not bringing anything in, just sitting, looking around and then… Continue reading

Odd Box Update

The blue tits have continued to be busy all morning….. but less this afternoon… to be honest I don’t think they can get much more moss in there! When the birds come in… Continue reading

Magnolia nearly in flower

I am lucky enough to have a beautiful Magnolia tree in my garden, right outside my kitchen window! The buds are just beginning to open…. another week of warm weather and it will… Continue reading

Green nest box nesting begins?

Yesterday I noticed one piece of moss in the green nest box and found a few visits there on my playback on i-catcher. The pair were back in this morning and seemed quite… Continue reading

Odd Box Action

I have got lots of shots from inside my nestboxes, but have not had time until today to get outside and try and get some shots of the blue tits going in.  The… Continue reading

Spring Pond

Life is really bursting in and around the pond. Some of the frog spawn has just hatched and the tiny tadpoles are free of their jelly and just beginning to move around. I… Continue reading

Free Range!

I have had hens for nearly two years now…. a motley crew consisting of assorted breeds, which I let out in the top part of my garden during the day now the weather… Continue reading

Oddbox camera problems

I was really pleased yesterday to see some serious interest in the odd box, but the image kept degrading. This morning, I got up early and took a different camera out and plugged… Continue reading