The foxes are visitng every night now….. it was only just dark last night when the vixen appeared at about 8.30pm. The dog appeared later and gave me the chance to have a… Continue reading

Nesting Feeder

I have moved one of the cameras in the day to look at the nesting feeder.  Both blue tits and great tits have been and collected materials today…. saw the blue tit collect… Continue reading

Today’s nestbox update

Well, no eggs yet….. my bluetit seemed to roost all night in the nestbox, but they have still been collecting soft materials to line the nest today. I watched them collect it at… Continue reading


The goldfinches are feeding regularly from my feeders at the moment. I took these shots through an upstairs window!

Garden and pond shots

It has been another beautiful day today and I have spent it in the garden. The tadpoles in the pond are now very active and the marsh marigolds, primulas, cowslips and my snakeshead… Continue reading

Final Touches to Oak Tree nest

The blue tits have been bringing in fluff,  fur and a few small bits and pieces and seem to be putting the final touches to the nest today. They spent quite a lot… Continue reading

Exciting Fox News!

My fox visited again tonight, but as I was watching it, I was thinking that it did not look quite the same as the one that visited last night. I played back last… Continue reading

Nestbox updates

The oak tree nestbox pair have continued to bring in small amounts of grass and soft materials to line the nest today. They quite often came into the box together as well. There… Continue reading


The last few days of warm sunshine have meant that the overwintering butterflies have ‘come to life’ . I have seen a brimstone, small tortoishell and peacock in the garden over the last… Continue reading

Dovedale Visit

Yesterday I went to Dovedale, walked up to Milldale and beyond up the River Dove. Although busy at Dovedale, the further you walk from the stepping stones, the quieter it becomes and the… Continue reading