We have chicks!!!!!

Yes, at last we have some tiny, tiny blue tit chicks, which have started hatching today! I wasn’t really expecting any until mid next week, but when I watched the footage back this… Continue reading

Nestbox Update

A quick nest box update….. nothing happening in the green nestbox, still daily viewers in the oddbox, although I am losing hope!…. and the oak tree nestbox pair are still incubating. Their eggs… Continue reading

Wonderful Minsmere!

Wow! What a place! Minsmere is an amazing reserve…. I just wish I had had more time just to sit in the hides with my binoclars and my camera! Had some great views… Continue reading

Minsmere Visit

I am away for a couple of days, so won’t be adding anything to my blog until Friday.  I am visiting Minsmere tomorrow and hoping to see a few interesting species, such as… Continue reading

Fern Video

James, the uni student who came to film my foxes, has just sent me the link to a short clip of Fern that he took.  This will form part of his larger, final… Continue reading

Fox…… and Crow!

Fern and Flynn are regular visitors now and the live feed is usually running from about 7pm, if I am here. This is because Fern often appears as early as this if the… Continue reading

Still interested?

The blue tits are still looking in the odd box on and off and the one that came in today seemed to settle down in the moss for a bit.

Feeding Record

My blue tit is sitting tight, incubating her eggs and as I watched the footage today, I thought I would make a note of the times the male came into feed her, so… Continue reading

Bumble Bee Encounter

When I watched the footage back today, I saw that my poor blue tit had an encounter with a bumble bee! It came in whilst she was on her eggs. She fluttered around and… Continue reading

I can embed a video!

I have been trying to work out how to embed some videos on here! Finally have figured it out! Here’s one I did of the foxes a couple of weeks ago. It’s not very… Continue reading