Beautiful Fern

It was a lovely sunny evening tonight and at about 7.45pm, with the sun just getting low in the sky, Fern appeared. I grabbed my camera with my 70-200mm lens and extender on… Continue reading

More eggs

Had a quick glimpse of 6 eggs when my blue tit got up this morning! She quickly covered the eggs over and disappeared for most of the day, just flitting back every now… Continue reading

Just one a day

I have been doing some research and according to the bluetit blog on the BTO website, the bluetit lays just one egg a day. She will start incubating just before she lays the… Continue reading

Are there 5?

I left the camera monitoring¬† overnight in the oak tree nestbox as the female seems to stay all night in there, but by the time I put the camera on, she has gone… Continue reading

Odd box interest again

Quite a few visits to the odd box again today where there is a nest virtually ready made! Don’t know what happened to the two who did all that work! This blue tit… Continue reading

Scruffy back in!

My rather tatty, scruffy looking blue tit has been back into the green nestbox today. At least he is recognisable! Nothing bought in though, but I still feel relatively optimistic that there is… Continue reading

Male Feeding

The male and female have been in and out of the oak tree nest box today. The male has been bringing tiny caterpillars in and, on a couple of occasions, the female has… Continue reading

Definitely 3 eggs!

I thought I had seen 4 eggs earlier in the week, but tonight the female rearranged things and left briefly, showing there are certainly 3 eggs. Hoping for some more in the coming… Continue reading

More eggs!

When I looked this morning, I think I could see 4 eggs in the oak tree nestbox. Just as well I looked early on, as later the blue tit came in and covered… Continue reading

Flynn Photos

Fern appeared very early tonight…. about 7.30pm and I had not yet put any food out. By the time I went and put some out, she was gone! As it was quite a… Continue reading