Six chicks?????

I have watched the footage back today and can only see 6 chicks. I can’t see any eggs though, which is a bit confusing. Maybe the very newly hatched chicks are not gaping… Continue reading

One egg left…

I think there is only one egg left to hatch… difficult to see as the cup is so deep and all the chicks are spread over the remaining eggs. They are all beginning… Continue reading

From my office window……

Fern & Flynn are still regular visitors and someone asked how close they are to the house…… tonight I took these shots from my office window. It is upstairs and overlooks the field… Continue reading

More eggs hatch….. part 2

Here are a couple of videos from today. The first one is shots over a 10 miute period in the nestbox. The second one clearly shows the chicks a day / 2 days… Continue reading

More eggs hatch

Wow, have those blue tits been busy! They started at about 5.20am this morning and were active up until about 8pm tonight! Over the day, the male has been bringing food all day,… Continue reading

Blue tit chicks Video

Here is a little video clip of today’s activity. It is a montage of photos, run together, but I have the slide speed set a bit slow. Next time, I will up it… Continue reading

We have chicks!!!!!

Yes, at last we have some tiny, tiny blue tit chicks, which have started hatching today! I wasn’t really expecting any until mid next week, but when I watched the footage back this… Continue reading

Nestbox Update

A quick nest box update….. nothing happening in the green nestbox, still daily viewers in the oddbox, although I am losing hope!…. and the oak tree nestbox pair are still incubating. Their eggs… Continue reading

Wonderful Minsmere!

Wow! What a place! Minsmere is an amazing reserve…. I just wish I had had more time just to sit in the hides with my binoclars and my camera! Had some great views… Continue reading

Minsmere Visit

I am away for a couple of days, so won’t be adding anything to my blog until Friday.  I am visiting Minsmere tomorrow and hoping to see a few interesting species, such as… Continue reading