More eggs!

When I looked this morning, I think I could see 4 eggs in the oak tree nestbox. Just as well I looked early on, as later the blue tit came in and covered… Continue reading

Flynn Photos

Fern appeared very early tonight…. about 7.30pm and I had not yet put any food out. By the time I went and put some out, she was gone! As it was quite a… Continue reading

Another Pellet!

I went to feed my goats this morning and was excited to find another pellet…. in exactly the same place as before. For it to be on the fence in the same position… Continue reading

Fox Filming

My foxes have been filmed tonight by two final year students from Staffordshire University. They contacted me yesterday as they had seen my blog and desperately needed some more footage for their final… Continue reading

An Egg!!!!

I finally have an egg in my oak tree nest box! I turned on the camera this morning to see a single egg. It does look a rather strange shape though…. quite long.… Continue reading

Nestbox update

No more news today really…. same kind of activity in all the boxes. Most busy in oak tree box, with male (I presume) appearing with caterpillars….. a bit ahead of himself I feel!… Continue reading

Could this be the Fox Den?

I had a wander this weekend…. up into the field next to the one I have the camera in. The only hole I could find was this one. Some hairs around, but they… Continue reading

First swallows!

This weekend I have seen the first swallows of the year over my garden!  The blackcap is still around as as well as chiff chaffs and willow warblers. Medium amount of activity in… Continue reading

Green Box action

Very little activity in the oak tree and odd box today, but loads in the green nest box. They have brought some bits of grass in and one of them has been doing… Continue reading

Little Owl Pellet????

I was cleaning my goats out today and as I climbed over the fence, I noticed a pellet on the top! Having looked closely at  it, I think it could be a little… Continue reading