Hot chicks

Must have been hot in that nestbox today, especially if you were one of the smaller chicks trapped under all that nest material…. like a big duvet on!  At one point today, the… Continue reading

First visitor to Mouse cam!

I wasn’t really expecting to see mouse visitors during daylight hours, so when I happened to switch through some of the cams mid morning, I was really thrilled to see a wood mouse… Continue reading

Chick update 19th May

I have seen at least five chicks today. but some of the nest materials have been pulled over the top that it is now even more difficult to see into the cup. One of… Continue reading

Will 6 survive?

Have watched quite a lot of footage back today. Early on in the day, I thought I saw six chicks still alive, although there is quite a variation in size, with the largest… Continue reading

Wow! We have feathers!

My i-catcher feed went a bit haywire today and for some reason, it started putting in cross hairs. I was amazed when I watched the footage of today, to see that some of… Continue reading

Garden Flora

So much is starting to flower in the garden now. The clematis is beautiful. Here are a few shots from this weekend.

Nestbox Update 16th May

Again, I have only been able to see six chicks again, so I presume one died at some point. What I am curious about is, do the adult birds remove a dead chick?… Continue reading

Mouse Cam!

I have been thinking about how I could set up one of my other Gardenature cameras in the garden. I have one on a feeder at them moment, which I am not using,… Continue reading

Nestbox update 15th May

Watching the footage back today, I think we may well only have 6 chicks now….. difficult to see as they are often obscured or not all reaching up for food, but I can… Continue reading

New Camera Remote

I have been wanting to set up my camera in the field and then fire it remotely so I can take some pictures, close-up of Fern and Flynn feeding. I have bought  Hahnel… Continue reading