Bullfinch visitor

I have seen bullfinches more this year than I have ever seen them. They have visited the garden a couple of times, but today this beautiful male spent several minutes on the seed… Continue reading

Fox cub video!

Today, I received my copy of Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD, a piece of software that will allow me to begin to edit my videos with a bit more control and, hopefully, to… Continue reading

Cubs come out late evening!

It has been a lovely evening tonight and at about 8pm, Fern appeared right over the other side of the field with the smallest cub, Tess, I think.  They were quite a way… Continue reading

Fox family update

The whole family visited the feeding station again last night… but not until gone 10pm,when it is dark. Again tonight Fern and Flynn were in the field, but the cubs have not appeared… Continue reading

New nest discovery!

As nothing had used my kestrel box in its first year, I decided to move the camera down to field level to capture the foxes as they come in lower in the field.… Continue reading

Cubs get new names!

I can’t keep describing my cubs by their size, so they are going to be called (big) Bill, (midi) Marvin and (tiny) Tess! Watch this space for more footage! Hopefully I will come… Continue reading

We now have THREE fox cubs!

Flynn and Fern appeared at about 9pm, just as the light was fading. I saw Fern at the bottom of the field, with a small cub and managed to get a bit of… Continue reading

Sad news

I went to check my cameras tonight and was extremely sad to see that my blackbird nest has been raided and all the chicks taken. I know they were OK this morning as… Continue reading

Blackbird family update

With all the fox excitement, the poor blackbirds haven’t had an update. All the chicks are doing well and growing fast.  The male is now feeding them as well…. it took him a… Continue reading

Cubs visit up to 1am

After yesterday’s excitement, I left the camera running in the field all night, to monitor visitors. It was pretty busy up until 1am, with both cubs coming back regularly up until about midnight,… Continue reading