Bird feeder camera

I took the camera out of the mousecam box as it did not have IR and I wanted to be able to watch them at night. The camera I have now put in… Continue reading

Mouse and slug encounter

I have moved some of my cameras around so they are not sitting idle, I took the camera out of the odd box, as I do not think anything is going to nest… Continue reading

First good photos of Flynn

Although Fern visits the feeding station every night, Flynn tends to come after dusk, so I do not see him quite as much. Last night, however, it was a bright evening, with sunny… Continue reading

Mrs B Update

My blackbird is incubating her eggs, leaving only briefly to feed. I managed to get a screen shot showing that she has at least three eggs…. there may be another tucked this side… Continue reading

Floral explosion!

The garden is an foliage explosion! All the rain and then warm weather has meant a weekend of cutting back and trying to get the garden back into some order. My poppies are… Continue reading

Blackcap Family

I was in my bedroom this evening, looking out the window and heard some interesting cheeping. On looking outside, I was thrilled to see a male and female blackcap and four fledglings! I… Continue reading

So where is the blackbird nest?????

I took a couple of photos at the weekend to show where my blackbird nest is. I have circled the approximate position in the hedge.  I have put some chicken wire up underneath… Continue reading

Male blackbird visits

Early this morning, the male appeared at the nest. This is the first time I have seen him visit. The female didn’t look overly impressed!  She has been sitting tight…. but I have… Continue reading

We have two blackbird eggs!

I was really pleased to see 2 eggs in the nest today when I returned from work! I monitored it for an hour or so and mum spent a lot of time on… Continue reading

First pictures of female blackbird on nest

I was delighted to see my female blackbird return to her nest today and I am really pleased with the image I am getting from the hastily erected camera! She has spent most… Continue reading