We’re still here…. but ready to fledge!

I was quite suprised to find all the chicks still in the nestbox when I returned from work today! The 3 larger ones have full sets of feathers and spent a lot of… Continue reading

We are nearly ready…..

The chicks have been sitting up on the edge of the nest most of today, meaning the smaller ones have been able to get a chance to see daylight and get fed! They… Continue reading

Blue tits feeding

I have tried to get some more shots of the blue tits bringing in food into the nestbox today. It is so difficult… they are just too quick for me and do not… Continue reading

Fern 22nd May

I decided to sit up close to the hedge in the field tonight as it was such a lovely evening and see if I could get some pictures of the foxes. I usually… Continue reading

Monster chick…. and siblings

Wow…. I reckon a couple of the largest chicks will be ready to fledge this coming week….. they were climbing out of the nest ‘pit’ today and spending time sitting on the edge, … Continue reading

There ARE still seven chicks!

I think a combination of hot weather and the mobility of the larger chicks has meant that some of the chicks have climbed a bit out of the nest ‘pit’ and today I… Continue reading

Mouse cam morning

My wood mouse has been in and out of my mouse cam box all morning…. he was even in there when I went to fill it up… I went to open it and… Continue reading

Mouse Cam update

I’ve been out all day today, so left the camera running in the nestbox. All the sunflower seeds have been eaten though, so he’s been back. I am working from home tomorrow, so… Continue reading

Hot chicks

Must have been hot in that nestbox today, especially if you were one of the smaller chicks trapped under all that nest material…. like a big duvet on!  At one point today, the… Continue reading

First visitor to Mouse cam!

I wasn’t really expecting to see mouse visitors during daylight hours, so when I happened to switch through some of the cams mid morning, I was really thrilled to see a wood mouse… Continue reading