Right on time!

Fern & Flynn appeared right on time at 8.30pm. I had stood at a bedroom window over looking the field from about 8pm and saw them appear from half way up the field….… Continue reading

Fern and Flynn

As I feel my foxes are going to be regular visitors, I have decided to give them names. They are going to be ‘Fern’ and ‘Flynn’! I will try and broadcast the camera… Continue reading

Fox den????

I went out this morning  to see if I could find my fox’s den. I know it must be near, as a nursing vixen would not travel far from young cubs. In the… Continue reading

Odd Box visits increasing again

After a quiet few days in the odd box, the bue tits have been in and out again, bringing in some new materials once. The pair were in there together a couple of… Continue reading

More finishing touches….

Still more finishing touches to the oak tree nestbox! The pair are still in and out… just bringing in little tiny bits now. By the evening, one of them spent quite a lot… Continue reading

Live Streaming of my cameras!

I have been experimenting with U-Stream and have live streamed my fox camera tonight. I will try and put the camera on at about 8.30pm when they tend to visit…. come and have… Continue reading

Oak Box Photos from the outside

I spent a little while at the weekend hiding behind the trellis, trying to get some final shots of the blue tits bringing in nesting materials. I am pretty sure they have finished this nest,… Continue reading


The foxes are visitng every night now….. it was only just dark last night when the vixen appeared at about 8.30pm. The dog appeared later and gave me the chance to have a… Continue reading

Nesting Feeder

I have moved one of the cameras in the day to look at the nesting feeder.  Both blue tits and great tits have been and collected materials today…. saw the blue tit collect… Continue reading

Today’s nestbox update

Well, no eggs yet….. my bluetit seemed to roost all night in the nestbox, but they have still been collecting soft materials to line the nest today. I watched them collect it at… Continue reading