New projects

A bit quiet on the blog the last few days…. been busy with some photoshoots that are funding my new lens. I have decided to purchase a Sigma 150-500mm lens to further aid… Continue reading

Blue tits feeding in Greg & Mary’s garden

My weekend at my in-laws provided me with lots of opportunities for photography! After photographing the great tits in the stoneware jar, I found a very old nestbox on an arbour. It was… Continue reading

Great tit nest in stoneware bottle!

I went away for the bank holiday weekend to stay with my in-laws. They live in Harlow and have a beautiful huge, mature garden. Feeling lost without my nestbox to watch, I strolled… Continue reading

Nestbox update 30th April….. We leave at last!

I returned from a few days away to find my nestbox empty….. I knew on Saturday when I left, that they would fledge this weekend and I must admit, I have been really… Continue reading

Nestbox update 29th May

These updates have been done on my return from a few days away….. watched my i-catcher footage and chose a few shots that best summed up the day in the nestbox.  These are… Continue reading

I can’t believe it!

I cannot believe that I am going to miss these chicks fledging! I am going away for a few days over the bank holiday and despite it looking promising this morning, they are… Continue reading

We want to stay in here!

You won’t believe it, but they are still all there! A lot of wing stretching and fluttering going on. They better go tomorrow as I am then away from Saturday to Monday….. I… Continue reading

New Fern Photos

It was a nice bright evening tonight, without being sunny and I saw Fern quite early, in the field, so I set the camera out on the edge of the field.  It is… Continue reading

Fern visits for chicken scraps

Fern & Flynn are still visiting every night….. well, it can be anywhere from about 6pm, depending how early I remember to put the food out! The foxes then have to get there… Continue reading

We want to stay another day!

Yep! They are still all in there! Despite my confidence that today would be the day, there have been no attempts to fledge. Instead of filming using the i-catcher, I took some video… Continue reading