More Great Otter Footage from Hillockhead

I have just processed some Bushnell footage that Tim sent me a few weeks ago. Locating some more potential otter sites, the Bushnells were set to monitor these new spaces and, as predicted,… Continue reading

Using Bushnells with Kids – Help them connect, using the technology they love!

Anyone who knows me will be aware of how much I love working with kids in the outdoors. I have been a teacher for nearly 30 years now and I still get the… Continue reading

More View View Tawny Action with Pair Now Visiting the Box!

The tawnies have been busy at the new nest box this week and I have filmed both at the box together for the first time since we put it up. Sadly, I am… Continue reading

Small Mammal Antics and a Brambling Visits

My mammal box has been pretty quiet over the summer. With lots of natural food, the small mammals do not feel the need to visit here. As we progress into Autumn, I usually… Continue reading

A Log Feeding Platform for the My Naturewatch Cam

I have continued experimenting with the little My Naturewatch cam (Check out my other blogs about this Raspberry Pi camera) and today, I left it set up, facing a little log feeding platform.… Continue reading

Otter Visits, Water Rail and Tawny Drop-offs

We have had a few weeks with minimal visits by the otters, as the river has been quite high. This week, when I checked the Yew View footage, I was delighted to see… Continue reading

A Major Pond Clear Out!

My pond was one of the first things I added to the garden… once I had cleared it, some 20 years ago! The garden was completely overgrown when I purchased the house and… Continue reading

The latest Wildlife Highlights from my Patch

There is often a bit of a lull in my garden, in terms of wildlife, at the end of the summer and beginning of the Autumn. The garden never really looks its best,… Continue reading

A New Feeding Station……… appreciated by the youngest squirrels!

I am obsessed with bird feeders! I have lots and lots of bird feeders and I always love it when something a bit different comes out. CJ Wildlife asked if I would like… Continue reading

Autumnal Glory and Owls at Yew View

It was a most stunning day at YewView this week! An early mist soon burnt off, leaving clear blue skies and wonderful warm sunny weather. The fruit trees are heavy with Autumnal bounty,… Continue reading