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Yew View Tawny Hunting Successes

Our Yew View tawny seems to have settled well into incubation in the box, snoozing most of the day, not worried by the sounds of barking dogs and lawn mowers! As the light… Continue reading

2 Tawny Owl Eggs… the excitement builds….

It has been an exciting and frustrating week, as lots has been happening at Yew View and I can only access the cameras via the iCatcher app. I could not wait to get… Continue reading

Amazing Tawny Action and Badger Bonanza!

Arriving at Yew View this week, the sun was actually shining; a rare occurrence in what seems to have been a long winter of grey and dismal weather. We are all very ready… Continue reading

Tawny action, fox visits, polecat dens & reed buntings

I have a couple of weeks of action to catch up with at Yew View! It has been pretty grey and cold on site, but Spring has sprung in terms of the snowdrops… Continue reading

A Polecat Den for Yew View

After filming the polecat around Yew View, I was keen to try to set something up that would possibly provide somewhere for them to sleep so we could film them.  I decided to… Continue reading

Polecat and Buzzard snack

Quite quiet on the wildlife front at Yew View this last week. The badgers are less active, but still visiting the feeding station with the foxes, for a snack every evening . One… Continue reading

More Yew View Polecat Appearances

It was great to be back at Yew View this week and to catch up on the captures from over the Christmas period. One of the first cameras I checked was our Tawny Stump,… Continue reading

Tawnies, Muntjac and Polecat appearances

The tawnies are beginning to prospect a little more and, in the last week or so, we have had several visits to the nest box. These clips show the male (I think )… Continue reading

Otters on rising waters with Stoat, polecat & badger action!

I posted last week about the rising water levels at Yew View this week. When I arrived, I was astounded at the levels as, in just a few days, the river had risen… Continue reading

November Tawny Box Action at Yew View

It is usually December and January that we start to get interest in our Tawny box at Yew View. For the last two years, this pair have shown a lot of interest and… Continue reading