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A Great Start to 2020 at Yew View – Tawny Owls & Interesting Feeding Station Meetings!

We had a great year at Yew View last year, with lots of great wildlife and some amazing insights into the lives of our local wildlife, especially our lovely Tawny Owl pair who… Continue reading

Tawny footage, foxes , badgers and a lot of rain!

As we all know, it has been extremely wet of late. Yew View backs onto the River Severn, and this has been extremely high for several weeks now. The garden has been under… Continue reading

New Camera set-ups for the Yew View Tawny Box

Last year I recorded the best footage that I have captured so far from the Tawny box at Yew View. I used two internal cameras and one external camera. Technology moves on and,… Continue reading

Otter Holt Flood Alert!!

When I built the holt at Yew View, I knew it was going to flood at some point…. just didn’t think it would be quite so soon!  The River Severn is pretty volatile… Continue reading

The First Yew View Otter Holt Camera goes in as the Badgers move in again….

There has been quite a lot of camera maintenance to do over the last few weeks at Yew View. With so much cabling and technology, it all needs checking and maintaining. It can… Continue reading

The Kingfishers are back!

For the last few years, we have had regular kingfisher visitor to the wildlife pond at Yew View. This winter, however, they stopped visiting and we really have not seen them… until last… Continue reading

There’s Still Tawny Activity at Yew View

With my trip to Maryland, I had not been at Yew View for a few weeks, so was greatly pleased to see that I had a few more tawny clips to upload. When… Continue reading

Tawny Owlet updates….. all grown up and ready to leave!

This week’s update covers the last two weeks of Tawny owlet footage. As you can imagine, there is a huge amount of footage to look through and I want to look at it… Continue reading

Owlet dramas, as we go from three to two….

As you can imagine, there is a tremendous amount of footage to look through each week at Yew View. It is impossible to save everything and almost impossible to choose highlights from each… Continue reading

Our Owlets are growing fast!!

When I turned up at Yew View this week, I was straight up to the office and I simply could not believe how much the owlets had grown in a week! We have… Continue reading