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A Difficult Tawny Decision….

If you have been watching the story of my Tawny Owl on my website, you will know that the story has not turned out as I had hoped. Initially, the female broke an… Continue reading

Tawny Owl Update…. time up…

For anyone who has been following my tweets about my Tawny Owl, you will know that she has been incubating a single egg. The 30 days incubation period has come and gone. That… Continue reading

Tawny Owl Update

The trouble with watching inside nest boxes with cameras, is that you can’t help but get emotionally involved with the stories that are unfolding in front of your eyes. When you have watched… Continue reading

My Tawny Cam goes live!

My first task in the morning is to check my Tawny cam to make sure my tawny female is still there… and then to check the night-time footage to see if she has… Continue reading

A Frog for Breakfast!

My female tawny has been sitting tight on her single egg and I do not think we are going to have any more. She would have laid again now, if she was going… Continue reading

Pregnant Vixens, Jackdaws & my Tawny settles on another egg!

After the drama of last weekend, the Tawnies seem to be settled in the Bridle Path nest box, despite its stingy layer of chippings (I was due to add some more before she… Continue reading

Tawnies look set to stay…but a broken egg….

After the drama of the weekend, it looks like my tawnies have chosen the unfinished Bridle path box. With the female staying in the box during the day, it has meant I have been… Continue reading

My 1st Tawny Food Pass!

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was go and check the icatcher footage of last night. Disappointed, there were no visits to any of the boxes and no… Continue reading

Tawny Dramas in My Patch

My cameras at home have been rather neglected of late… a combination of dire weather and working  has meant that two of my cameras have been down for 2 weeks… two pretty important… Continue reading

Unexpected Visitor to my barn Owl Box!

I was sitting at my desk tonight, working, when a movement caught my eye…a tawny owl had just appeared in my Barn Owl Box! The squirrels have been using it for the last… Continue reading