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My Springwatch Mammal Box!

With BBC Springwatch starting on Monday, I set about  doing a revamp in this mammal box set-up, which has also appeared a few years ago as an Autumnwatch set. A lovely new sofa took… Continue reading

Midlands Today, Springwatch and Minsmere!

It has been quite a week! It started with the piece I did for Midlands Today, at Yew View, going out on BBC 1. I do not get to see the film before… Continue reading

My Mountain Hare gets a WinterWatch appearance!

As with many of us, The BBC WinterWatch series was  something I looked forward to and every night, I settled down to watch the antics of Martin up trees and under snow and… Continue reading

BBC Autumnwatch hits our Screens… and my Mammal Box HD!

You may have been following the story of my new Mammal Box HD, where I have created little removable sets that slip inside the box, meaning I can change the environment that the… Continue reading

My BBC Springwatch Blog Post!

I was delighted to be asked to be a guest Blogger for the Springwatch Blog that is running all summer and last week, my blog went live. Many of us are off on… Continue reading

My Springwatch Piece goes out on the Show!

I was looking forward to Tuesday’s Spring Watch more than most, as I had been told my rat piece, filmed with Michaela, would be aired. I do not get to see the piece before… Continue reading

Springwatch Begins… What happens when the team film in your garden?

If you are a wildlife enthusiast like me, you will always be looking forward to the end of May, when BBC Springwatch once again graces our screens with wonderful wildlife footage. With superb… Continue reading

Michaela Strachan visits the WildlifeKate Patch!

I have extremely fortunate to have appeared on Springwatch and Autumnwatch over the last two years, sharing some of the projects I have been doing here in my patch and, hopefully, inspiring  others… Continue reading

More new babies in the WildlifeKate Patch!

It has been quite a week for hatching in my patch! On the 29th, the female was paying a lot of attention to her eggs and I saw the  first tiny head rear… Continue reading

What a Week!!

I apologise for my lack of blog posts recently… it has been quite a week this week! For anyone who follows my website and follows my tweets on Twitter, you will have seen… Continue reading