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Bushnell Shetland Otter Joy! Part 1

You will have seen my recent blog posts from Shetland, as I guide with Shetland Wildlife as part of a special ‘Ultimate Shetland’ tour. This includes us deploying a number of Bushnell trail… Continue reading

Walks, Whimbrel , Wren and Bushnell treats!

With our week on Shetland rapidly coming to an end, we headed back down through Unst, to head back to the mainland. We had seen lots of curlew throughout the week, but were… Continue reading

Heading North for more Wildlife….. Otter and Shetland Bumble Bee

Heading North to Unst for a few days, we stopped at Toft Ferry point and all got out to have a scan around whilst we waited to board the ferry. The ferry points… Continue reading

Unst Wildlife……Orca Views and Hermaness Cliffs

What better way to start the day, than an alert telling us orca had been spotted just north of us?! Scrambling everyone together into the minibus, we raced up onto the headland above… Continue reading

Bearded Seal and Spectacular Sea Cliffs

Shetland has a wonderful social media network and this means that whenever something of interest appears on its shores or islands, there is a place to post the sighting, meaning that there is… Continue reading

Gannets Galore and Puffin Flights!

With a break in the winds that looked like they were going to be present throughout our week here on Shetland, our first day trip with ¬†our ‘Ultimate Shetland’ group was on the… Continue reading

A Wonderful Visit to Skeld Primary in Shetland…

Last year, when I came to Shetland, I visited Skeld Primary School and spent a lovely morning visiting the pupils and building a bug hotel. I have kept in contact all year, with… Continue reading

I return to Shetland …..

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will see that yesterday, I headed back up to Shetland, for the third year guiding with Shetland Wildlife on their ‘Ultimate Shetland’ Tour. The tour starts on… Continue reading