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Owlets & Otters!

I couldn’t wait to get to Yew View this week as it meant I could look at the footage of our owlets! Although I can access a low resolution feed on my home… Continue reading

Heavy rain tests our floating otter cam platform….

You may remember that, back in July, I built a floating platform for our HD otter cam. It is always a risk putting an expensive kit ┬ánear a river that is renowned for… Continue reading

Autumnal Action at Yew View

This is a bit of a mega update from Yew View, with me spending 3 days on site over the last week and a half, including a couple of nights. Staying over on… Continue reading

Squirrels, Badgers, Otters and preparing for Tawnies!

The first cameras I check each week at Yew View are the badger sett and the otter holt. Seeing if there has been any action there during the week is always exciting and… Continue reading

Otter Spraints, fox battles and last of the Summer Butterflies

We managed to squeeze another lovely warm September day in at Yew View and, with the Autumn Equinox upon us, I know that warm sunny days with butterflies are definitely on the way… Continue reading

Creating a Floating Yew View Otter Cam Platform

As you may remember, some weeks ago now, a sudden dramatic rise in the River Severn overnight meant we lost a wired HD camera and a Bushnell trail cam under water. The River… Continue reading

Exciting Yew View Otter Update!

We have been getting some great Bushnell footage from the otter holt at Yew View. After the last flood that meant we lost two trail cams and the holt disappeared, I was not… Continue reading

Yew View Otter Dream Bushnell Clips….

Just before Easter, the river levels had dropped back to ‘normal’ levels after an Autumn and Winter of floods on site. ┬áDuring the Spring and Summer, I always have at least one Bushnell… Continue reading

Harvest Mouse Discoveries

I have never seen a Harvest Mouse in the wild and my image of them is of a tiny mouse, clinging to an ear of wheat or in a natural grass meadow. Today,… Continue reading

Shetland 2015 – Day 3 Otters & Storm Petrels

Wow! What a truly amazing day…. and a very long day, that went on until 2am this morning. We started the day meeting John Moncrieff, a Shetland photographer, who has worked a lot… Continue reading