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We have Great tit eggs!!!

The great tit in my Wildlife Whisperer Discovery nest box has done a good job of hiding her eggs in the deep hair and wool and I only noticed today that there are… Continue reading

Wildlife Whisperer Nest Box

  With a lot of interest in my nest boxes in the last week or so, I was anxious to get the final one up….yes, really the last small nest box for my… Continue reading

Nestbox Update

A quick nest box update….. nothing happening in the green nestbox, still daily viewers in the oddbox, although I am losing hope!…. and the oak tree nestbox pair are still incubating. Their eggs… Continue reading

Still interested?

The blue tits are still looking in the odd box on and off and the one that came in today seemed to settle down in the moss for a bit.

Odd box interest again

Quite a few visits to the odd box again today where there is a nest virtually ready made! Don’t know what happened to the two who did all that work! This blue tit… Continue reading

Odd box increased interest again

A pair of blue tits have been in and out a lot of today in the odd box. Hardly any materials bought in, but lots of looking, arranging and prospecting! Both birds have… Continue reading

Odd Box visits increasing again

After a quiet few days in the odd box, the bue tits have been in and out again, bringing in some new materials once. The pair were in there together a couple of… Continue reading

Oak tree nest box

A much quieter day in here. I have changed the cable to this box and the image is considerably better and more consistent now. Have only had a couple of visits from the… Continue reading

Odd Box Update

The blue tits have continued to be busy all morning….. but less this afternoon… to be honest I don’t think they can get much more moss in there! When the birds come in… Continue reading

Odd Box Action

I have got lots of shots from inside my nestboxes, but have not had time until today to get outside and try and get some shots of the blue tits going in.  The… Continue reading