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BBC Midlands Today film for Big School Birdwatch!

It was an exciting day in school for the pupils on Tuesday as we had BBC Midlands Today coming to film the work they had been doing feeding and filming wildlife in the… Continue reading

A Big Garden Birdwatch appearance on BBC Midlands Today

I was delighted to welcome David Gregory-Kumar, the Science correspondent for BBC Midlands Today, back to my garden this week. David and I have filmed a few posts together over the last few… Continue reading

Otters on the River Severn – Filming with Midlands Today

We have worked hard over the last year, to capture footage of otters around Yew View. From setting Bushnells all along the river bank, to monitoring our artificial holt and creating a floating… Continue reading

Big School Birdwatch with BBC Midlands Today!

This week, we carried out The RSPB Big School Birdwatch at school, as part of our Wild Learning. Our events included Bird watching in the school grounds, practising bird ID using my live… Continue reading

Filming at Yew View with Midlands Today

As part of Midlands Today’s Springwatch series, I often film a piece with them to correspond with my appearance on the show. This year, Karen, the producer contacted me and asked if I… Continue reading

Bat Monitoring with BBC Midlands Today

Today, I joined the SilverTrees Bat Monitoring Team… Rose from Staffordshire Bat Group and Rob Winstanley, to take a look at the bats present in the bat boxes at SilverTrees. You may remember… Continue reading

Filming with Midlands Today

When Midlands Today contacted me to tell me about their week-long feature on Cannock Chase, to be aired mid-October, I knew that Silver Trees Holiday Park would be a perfect location to talk… Continue reading

My patch is LIVE on Midlands Today!

This evening I welcomed David Gregory-Kumar from Midlands Today back to my patch for a broadcast live from my garden! This is the first time I have done anything live and it was… Continue reading

More new babies in the WildlifeKate Patch!

It has been quite a week for hatching in my patch! On the 29th, the female was paying a lot of attention to her eggs and I saw the  first tiny head rear… Continue reading

An unexpected visit from BBC Midlands Today!

I was delighted to welcome David Gregory-Kumar, Science Correspondent   from Midlands Today back to my garden today, after they contacted me this morning. With the rather exceptional weather, they were looking to do a… Continue reading