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The 2017 Christmas Mammal Box goes away for another year…….

With another Christmas over, I have taken out the Christmas Mammal Sitting room, popping it away for another year! This set-up always makes me smile and I love setting it up and rejuvenating… Continue reading

Christmas Mice & Hungry Birds

With a bit of a colder patch lately and the natural food sources running low, there has been a lot of action on my rid feeding stations. I am still waiting for two… Continue reading

Mini Mammal Christmas

If you have followed me for a while, you will be familiar with my more novel set-ups in my mammal box! This box is designed so I can create a mini ‘set’ and… Continue reading

An exclusive peek into how voles spend their Christmas…..

Have you ever wondered how a vole spends its Christmas? You may be surprised to learn that they also decorate their sitting rooms… Christmas cards, stockings, sacks full of presents and, of course,… Continue reading

Getting ready for a Mammal Christmas!

This week, I redecorated the sitting room, ready for Christmas…. not the average sitting room though… my Mammal Box sitting room! I designed my mammal Box HD so I could insert different ‘sets’… Continue reading

Which is it? Common, Pygmy or Water?… my guide to Shrews!

I have had a lot of activity in my Mammal Box, which is positioned next to my garage in a damp and overgrown bank. Wood mice and Bank voles have always visited, with the… Continue reading

Amazing Water Shrew Footage!

Last weekend, I decided to try to move my HD Mammal Box across the lane to swap it with a standard res one, where a Water Shrew had been visiting. This was very… Continue reading

An Exciting New Species in my Patch!

I have many cameras around my home and two are inside purpose-built mammal boxes. One, close to my house in a hedgerow, has an HD camera in and has been capturing wonderful footage of… Continue reading

Catching up time……

I must admit, I had not realised that I had not blogged on here for almost a month…. I have blogged on my WildLearning Blog for school ( and done lots of tweeting as… Continue reading

BBC Autumnwatch hits our Screens… and my Mammal Box HD!

You may have been following the story of my new Mammal Box HD, where I have created little removable sets that slip inside the box, meaning I can change the environment that the… Continue reading