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The Kingfishers are back!

For the last few years, we have had regular kingfisher visitor to the wildlife pond at Yew View. This winter, however, they stopped visiting and we really have not seen them… until last… Continue reading

Kingfisher Delights… plus otters & tawnies

I was keen to get back to check the DSLR camera trap. I had made some minor adjustments to it last week after a fairly successful first attempt at photographing the kingfishers. This… Continue reading

First Yew View kingfisher captures with the DSLR camera trap

Last week, I mentioned on my blog, that I had set my DSLR camera trap up on the kingfisher post at Yew View. This post is on the wildlife pond on site and… Continue reading

My YewView Kingfisher Challenge and a Tussock moth beauty

It was a beautiful Autumnal day at YewView and, with all the leaves changing and the sun lower in the sky, the colours were gorgeous… Over the last few weeks, the kingfisher visits… Continue reading

Lots of Kingfisher Post Activity!

The kingfisher post at Yew View is an example of how, if you monitor one good spot for over a year, it can provide an incredible number of different species. This post has… Continue reading

Squirrels, Badgers, Otters and preparing for Tawnies!

The first cameras I check each week at Yew View are the badger sett and the otter holt. Seeing if there has been any action there during the week is always exciting and… Continue reading

Yew View May Update… otter, kingfisher, harvest mice & daylight badgers…

With lots of great footage from Yew View, it is taking me longer to process and edit it all. This week’s update includes highlights from this week’s and last week’s footage. I am… Continue reading

Kingfishers, Newts, Owls & Worms ….

Having so many cameras at Yew View means that we often capture really interesting behaviour… behaviour that is probably rarely seen, let alone photographed or filmed. The cameras give us a unique insight… Continue reading

Tawny visits, Redpoll & Harvest Mouse Parties!

There is SO much going on at Yew View, it can be a challenge, in 1 day, ┬áto collect all the footage, set up Bushnells for the following week and set up new… Continue reading

Bulrush + Bushnell + patience = Kingfisher!

About a month ago, I decided to set a new perch for the Kingfishers at YewView. I had got some super Bushnell trail cam footage from a series of other perches I had… Continue reading