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Has Spring finally sprung in my patch?

It’s been a busy week  for me this week and, as well as work, it has been great to see signs of Spring in my garden. There have been  lots of views by… Continue reading

Christmas Mice & Hungry Birds

With a bit of a colder patch lately and the natural food sources running low, there has been a lot of action on my rid feeding stations. I am still waiting for two… Continue reading

Exciting Sleepover in our Sett!

Almost a year ago now, we built our badger sett and we are really starting to see some serious action in there! I had predicted it would be a year before we saw… Continue reading

An extended YewView Stay and night-time PTZ cam fun!

This week, I spent two nights at YewView, house-sitting their 4 collies and brought my two along too! The great thing about actually staying on site is that I get early mornings and… Continue reading

#30DaysWild – Day 7 Fox cub appearances

I have been filming the foxes that visit a field next to my garden for about 5 years now. Each year, I look forward to the vixens bringing their cubs. If they have… Continue reading

New Life Growing in my Patch…

Thought I would squeeze in a quick update from my patch! I have been really busy over the last few weeks and, although I have been watching my cameras and my jackdaw nest… Continue reading

An Insect Haven planted with Wildflower Turf

Yew View is a fantastic site for wildlife… but that has not just happened on its own… the owners  have worked hard to create a range of different habitats that have all contributed… Continue reading

Nest Box Activity increasing….

This is always a busy time in my garden, as I start getting activity in my camera nest boxes. I have watched this whole process lots of times now and I get excited… Continue reading

Pregnant Vixens, Jackdaws & my Tawny settles on another egg!

After the drama of last weekend, the Tawnies seem to be settled in the Bridle Path nest box, despite its stingy layer of chippings (I was due to add some more before she… Continue reading

Valentine Polecat Visitor!!!

Every now and then, my cameras capture footage of something completely unexpected! Tonight, I was working at my desk, with my cameras up on my monitors next to me. I have had issues… Continue reading