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Finland 2019 – Stunning Squirrels

The Finnish forests surrounding the area I stayed were just beautiful. The mixture of evergreens and deciduous species meant that the colours were even more stunning. The clean air also means that there… Continue reading

Finland 2019 – The Birds

You may have thought that my Finland trip was mainly about the bears. Of course, they were a huge, and very special, part of the trip. There was plenty of other wildlife to… Continue reading

Finland 2019 – Remote Camera Heaven!

Nearly half of the luggage I took to Finland was camera kit! Part of the reason I was going was to explore what kit we could use to show visitors the wildlife that… Continue reading

Finland 2019 – The Elusive Wolverine

It is sad. If you google ‘wolverine’, you get a fictional Marvel character, rather than the stunning mustelid that the cartoon character was named after. Many will have no idea what a wolverine… Continue reading

Finland 2019 – The Bears

As explained in my previous post, the site I visited last week is in North East Finland, very close to the Russian border. It is one of the wildest, most untouched environments in… Continue reading

Finland 2019- An Introduction

The light is dropping, as is the temperature. I am sitting in, what feels like, a small wooden shed. It is not in my garden. It is in the Finnish wilderness, very close… Continue reading