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Bushnell close-ups on the hub feeders

This weekend, despite to poor light conditions, I set the Bushnell HD up on the sunflower heart feeder with my close-up kit. I wanted to see if I could capture some really close… Continue reading

Take one wooden cutlery drainer……

Anyone who knows me, knows that I often kitchen utensils in the garden… not using in the way that they were¬†intended¬†but rather adapting them for the birds! I have used whisks as nesting… Continue reading

Bushnell Woodpecker

I decided to set the Bushnell HD Max (119477) up on a new feeder today. Using my close-up kit, I mounted a coconut fat feeder 60cm from the Bushnell and checked that it… Continue reading

My Close-up kits travel the world!!

One of the things I am most proud of this year is my Bushnell close-up kit! I am an avid user of the Bushnell trail cams, but became a bit frustrated with the… Continue reading