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Christmas Delights in the WildlifeKate Patch!

Christmas decorations on my bird snack bar and a novel Mammal Feeding Station set up have become an annual challenge and the wildlife has performed admirably ┬áthis year so far! The Bird snack… Continue reading

Autumnal Activity builds up in the WildlifeKate Patch

With Autumn well set in, despite generally pretty mild temperatures, the feeders are getting busier in my garden. I am often asked what I feed and I have narrowed it down to just… Continue reading

The latest Wildlife Highlights from my Patch

There is often a bit of a lull in my garden, in terms of wildlife, at the end of the summer and beginning of the Autumn. The garden never really looks its best,… Continue reading

A New Feeding Station……… appreciated by the youngest squirrels!

I am obsessed with bird feeders! I have lots and lots of bird feeders and I always love it when something a bit different comes out. CJ Wildlife asked if I would like… Continue reading

The Bird Fair, Rutland Water 2018

As I drove into the car park of Bird Fair 2018, at Rutland Water, I could not believe that another year had passed! It only seems like last week, we were setting up… Continue reading

WildlifeKate Patch Camera Updates

It has been a busy month in my garden, with lots of new feeders and the birds taking full advantage of all the different foods on offer. With my cameras live streaming on… Continue reading

The 2017 Christmas Mammal Box goes away for another year…….

With another Christmas over, I have taken out the Christmas Mammal Sitting room, popping it away for another year! This set-up always makes me smile and I love setting it up and rejuvenating… Continue reading

Christmas Wildlife at Home catch-up!

It has been lovely to have a bit of time at home with my family and to add some lovely wildlife themed gifts to my growing collection! The pets got into the swing… Continue reading

WildlifeKate’s Cameras get a sponsor!

My camera set-ups and the kit involved is gradually getting more and more ambitious and, as I experiment with new kit, you can imagine that the costs start to increase. To live stream… Continue reading

CJ Wild Bird Foods feeders on test

I am always on the look out for new, innovative ways of attracting and feeding wildlife. I spied some great products in the CJWildlife catalogue and contacted the company. This morning, I ┬áreceived… Continue reading