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Badger Family Bonding

I have been monitoring a badger sett near to me recently and trying out some new trail cams. This sett has produced some good video clips in the past as it is a… Continue reading

The Bushnell Otter Challenge!

As part of my guiding role with the Shetland Wildlife Tour, I take a range of Bushnell trail cameras and set them and to show the clients some of the unseen wildlife of… Continue reading

Fox and Badger Cubs… My Latest Bushnell Captures

Local knowledge is always the best and when I was sent a trailcam clip of a vixen with, what looked like 11 cubs, and told about a den site, I was keen to… Continue reading

Connecting Birds, Kids and Technology…….

We’re doing lots of work at Michael Drayton Junior to learn about the wildlife that is in our school grounds. We are lucky enough to have a super site and, as we continue… Continue reading

Our Bushnell Adventures at Michael Drayton Junior

Our ‘Bushnell Boys’ have continued their quest to capture the wildlife in our school grounds. We have been using some Bushnell trail cameras in our Wild Learning Area with some great results (see… Continue reading

Maryland Adventures Part 5: Bushnell Chipmunks

I have to admit, I was captivated by the Chipmunks at Ed’s farm in Maryland! No one really takes any notice of these cheeky mammals, just as we rarely give ¬†grey squirrel a… Continue reading

Maryland Adventures Part 4: Maryland Birding… the Bushnell Way!

It was birds that first got me interested in the natural world and watching the birds in my garden still remains one of my most favourite pastimes! With my bird feeders having cameras… Continue reading

Maryland Adventures Part 3: Bushnells in the Woods

Whilst staying with Ed, at Emery Knoll Farm, Dave and I were soon out exploring the woodlands. With only a week on site, the easiest way to get an idea of what wildlife… Continue reading

Maryland Adventure: Part 2 – Bushnell Captures

When I came out to Maryland, most of my luggage was trail cams and camera kit! Going to a new area, full of wildlife I have never seen before, meant I was really… Continue reading

More Great Otter Footage from Hillockhead

I have just processed some Bushnell footage that Tim sent me a few weeks ago. Locating some more potential otter sites, the Bushnells were set to monitor these new spaces and, as predicted,… Continue reading