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Another try with the Bushnell Bird bath set-up..

After the success with the Bushnell and 60cm close-up lens on the CJWildlife bird bath, I decided to try with the 46cm lens. This lens means the camera is closer to the bird… Continue reading

Essential Water for Wildlife…..

With this incredibly hot and dry spell, I have water out in lots of places for the wildlife of my garden. My pond, the tyre water holes and other dishes all around ,… Continue reading

Bushnell Shetland Otter Joy! Part 1

You will have seen my recent blog posts from Shetland, as I guide with Shetland Wildlife as part of a special ‘Ultimate Shetland’ tour. This includes us deploying a number of Bushnell trail… Continue reading

Monitoring feeders using the Bushnell NatureView Live View

I have been delighted to have 3 bullfinch visiting over the last few months; one female and two males. I wanted to see if I could capture them using the trail cam so… Continue reading

More Bushnell cam set-ups at Yew View…..

Whilst the reed buntings are abundant on site, I was keen to try to get some more footage of them. I took the Bushnell ladle cam and set it up for photos initially.… Continue reading

Bushnell Ladle Feeder

II have been experimenting with a range of different ways to simply set up a Bushnell camera to capture footage of feeding birds. When I saw this 99p Ladle in Lidl, I thought… Continue reading

Capturing life on the moors… with a Bushnell trail cam!

Last year, I was invited to judge a photography competition run by ‘Moors for the Future’. Since 2003, Moors for the Future have been working to reverse more than 200 years of damage… Continue reading

BirdFair 2016!

  Every year an area on the shores of Rutland water is transformed into the ‘Glastonbury’ for wildlife watchers…. The British Birdwatching Fair, better known simply as ‘BirdFair’! It is not only birds… Continue reading

Nephew time: Rory and WildlifeKate in Bushy Park

Last weekend, whilst in London for the Blog Awards, I stayed with my brother and his three kids. I love spending time with them, especially as my two are all grown up now!… Continue reading

Nest-building Robins…

From my kitchen window, I can see my pond and a Lilac tree just behind it. From this Lilac, projects a dead branch and I kept seeing the robin perched ion this branch,… Continue reading