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Snack Bar Soup, Daylight foxes and Birds Galore…

Lots of new footage from my patch on tonight’s blog. With lots of work on at the moment, it’s hard to keep on top of all the footage and keep all the live… Continue reading

WildlifeKate Patch Camera Updates

It has been a busy month in my garden, with lots of new feeders and the birds taking full advantage of all the different foods on offer. With my cameras live streaming on… Continue reading

Christmas Wildlife at Home catch-up!

It has been lovely to have a bit of time at home with my family and to add some lovely wildlife themed gifts to my growing collection! The pets got into the swing… Continue reading

My Bird Snack Bar makes National Press!!

It has been pretty manic day! Anyone who follows me on Twitter or follows my blog would know that I have had a rather novel bird feeding station live streaming from both my… Continue reading