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A Great Start to 2020 at Yew View – Tawny Owls & Interesting Feeding Station Meetings!

We had a great year at Yew View last year, with lots of great wildlife and some amazing insights into the lives of our local wildlife, especially our lovely Tawny Owl pair who… Continue reading

Tawny footage, foxes , badgers and a lot of rain!

As we all know, it has been extremely wet of late. Yew View backs onto the River Severn, and this has been extremely high for several weeks now. The garden has been under… Continue reading

Filming Night Visitors in my Patch…..

Recently, I have been capturing some great footage using a camera that Hikvision have lent me. I am looking at how some of their CCTV cameras can be used for filming wildlife. Many… Continue reading

My Badger Skull Project….

When I found a dead badger, partly decomposed, my first thought was on how and why it had died. That was followed very quickly by the excitement of possibly being able to have… Continue reading

The First Yew View Otter Holt Camera goes in as the Badgers move in again….

There has been quite a lot of camera maintenance to do over the last few weeks at Yew View. With so much cabling and technology, it all needs checking and maintaining. It can… Continue reading

Badger Family Bonding

I have been monitoring a badger sett near to me recently and trying out some new trail cams. This sett has produced some good video clips in the past as it is a… Continue reading

Fox and Badger Cubs… My Latest Bushnell Captures

Local knowledge is always the best and when I was sent a trailcam clip of a vixen with, what looked like 11 cubs, and told about a den site, I was keen to… Continue reading

Badger duo, Otters, Jay and Roe deer…

The rest of the wildlife at Yew View this week has been somewhat eclipsed by arrival of the Tawny owlets! After many hours of going through all the footage of them, I managed… Continue reading

Yew View Otters Still Visiting!

Last week, I finally set up the wired camera down by the river, to see if our otters were still visiting. With such a long Autumn, winter and Spring of wet weather, the… Continue reading

Yew View Badger Updates….

With all the excitement of the tawny owlets, the badgers took second place in terms of checking their antics for the week. When I did have a look through their cameras, I was… Continue reading