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Muntjac Visitors with Reed Bunting and Tawnies…..

I am always surprised to see Muntjac at Yew View… for two reasons. There are not many obvious laces where they can get in, apart from jumping over gates and fences and also… Continue reading

#30DaysWild – Day 30 A Yew View catch-up!

Well, what with me away in Shetland for 10 days, it has been over 2 weeks since I have been at Yew View. As you can imagine, with all the rain we have… Continue reading

#30DaysWild – Day 29 What a Week! Photographic Highlights of ‘Ultimate Shetland & booking for 2017!

I have had a chance today, to look through some of the images that I took last week. Leading the tour with Hugh, I did not take as many photographs as I would have… Continue reading

#30DaysWild – Day 28 What Busy Feeders!

Normally, at this time of year, I feed less food to the birds, but the feeders seem as busy as ever! There are lots of fledglings around and today I have seen young… Continue reading

#30DaysWild – Day 27 Drinker Moth Caterpillar Find

Today, I was out with a Year 6 group today, we were searching the grassland and woods for different interesting items that younger children might be able to search for on a natural treasure… Continue reading

#30DaysWild – Day 26 Ultimate Shetland: Hillswick Hair-Straightening Fund Raiser!

Whilst on my tour with Hugh Harrop and Shetland Wildlife, I was lucky enough to meet one of Hugh’s other guides, Tim Stenton. Tim leads many tours with Shetland Wildlife. Tim hails from… Continue reading

#30DaysWild – Day 25 Ultimate Shetland: Shetland Bumble Bee

I have been keeping an eye out, whilst in Shetland, for the Shetland Bumble Bee. I was hoping to capture some good photos, but the winds and lack of sightings made this quite… Continue reading

#30DaysWild – Day 24 Ultimate Shetland: Dramatic Eshaness & farewells

The final day of our Ultimate Shetland tour dawned and we jumped in the minibuses to head up to the dramatic cliffs of Eshaness. This part of Shetland boasts one of the highest energy coastlines… Continue reading

#30DaysWild – Day 23 Ultimate Shetland: Flower Meadows & Mousa Petrels

What an incredible morning! Shetland really specialises in huge skies and this morning was a wonderfully still morning with clear blue skies… the view from the Ultasound Hotel on Unst was pretty special!… Continue reading

#30DaysWild – Day 22 Ultimate Shetland: Fetlar Phalaropes

An early start and we headed to the ferry from Unst to head to Fetlar. Fetlar is known as the “Garden of Shetland” due to it being by far the greenest of all… Continue reading