Spring hits my Patch… at last!


Spring has finally arrived and what a stunning few days it’s been! So lovely to be outside in warm sunshine watching how the garden responds to the rise in temperature. I think everything is trying to make up for most time!

The pond has really taken off and is always one of the first areas to look pretty with the marsh marigolds and fritillaries being early flowers.

No sign of frogspawn this year, which is unusual, although I have seen a few newts.

The tawny mining bees have been very active. Easy to spot as they are bright orange and very furry, these little bees love the bare patches on my lawn, where they dig a hole with a series of chambers, to lay their eggs. Watch out for the tiny piles of soil and a hole the diameter of a pencil….

My wild flower meadow is springing up and you can see my mammal maze in  the background. I will be giving an update on this in a separate post! The great thing about this meadow, which was laid with wildflower turf, is that every year, it is covered in seedlings which can be transplanted  to other areas of the garden. The campion dominates here in my garden and now my banks are also covered in these pretty pink blooms.

I have three of my tit boxes occupied now… all with blue tits and they are at slightly different stages of development. I will doing an update on these cameras on a separate blog post, but I am thrilled to say that one box is now live streaming, thanks to my sponsors, CJ Wildlife. This means that you can watch it both on my website and on the CJ website, where 6 of my cameras now feature, alongside their amazing cameras on nests in Denmark.

I have added a few solitary bee hotels to my collection and I’m awaiting the first activity. I love watching these insects as they occupy the tubes. It is worth checking out Morrisons as they do bee hotels for just £4. I treat the roof with a little linseed oil or paint the roof just to help preserve it a little. These bees are wonderful to watch and will not sting, so a great intro for kids into the wonderful world of insects!

Let’s hope this warmer spell continues … it has been so lovely to get outside again and see everything start to come back to life after, what feels like, a very long winter!