The First Day on the New Feeders….

Yesterday, I posted a blog post about two new feeding stations I have set up in my garden. These feeding stations live stream on my website and the cameras are cabled to a computer and to a piece of software called iCatcher Console. This software monitors the cameras 24-7. I can play back the activity and lift the footage. So, after a day at school, I was able to come back tonight to see if any birds had visited the new feeders. I was especially interested in the one that I mounted up on the wall opposite my office. The birds had not seen this one before, so I thought it may take a week or so for species to build up…. I was wrong! These images show the selection of species that visited today…


Great titcam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-08-56-52-041 cam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-09-00-54-404

Greenfinchcam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-09-02-21-282 cam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-09-02-23-682

Collared Dovecam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-09-04-24-175 cam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-09-04-38-771 cam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-09-05-24-327

Nuthatchcam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-09-23-37-479 cam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-09-23-38-879 cam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-09-24-58-892


Great tit & Blue titcam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-09-45-59-660


Blue tit, Nuthatch & Great titcam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-10-38-19-620

Blue tit and Coal titcam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-10-38-27-985

Blue tit & Long -tailed titcam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-11-11-16-345

Blackbird… a rather tatty one!cam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-11-34-12-217


Collared dove paircam14-patio-feeders-2016-09-26-15-22-09-471

A total of  ten species! Not bad for day one!!

The other feeding station was dominated by finches; goldfinch mainly, but also chaffinch and greenfinch. A few visits from blue and great tits as well as the robin.

cam9-hub-feeders-2016-09-26-10-16-08-770 cam9-hub-feeders-2016-09-26-09-01-04-054 cam9-hub-feeders-2016-09-26-09-00-06-335 cam9-hub-feeders-2016-09-26-08-52-26-371 cam9-hub-feeders-2016-09-26-08-13-22-429 cam9-hub-feeders-2016-09-26-08-12-14-646 cam9-hub-feeders-2016-09-26-08-12-10-281

A great start to these new feeding stations. These cameras can be watched either on the home page of my website or by following the ‘Live Cameras’ link. Let me know if you see anything exciting on there!