#30DaysWild – Day 6 One perch….. how many species?

Today’s #30DaysWild was a challenge to see how many species use just one perch. This perch is right next to my hub feeders, so the birds regularly use it before alighting on the feeders. I set the Bushnell Live View on the perch with the 60cm close-up lens and let it for a day. I set it to a 10 second video and then lifted a screenshot from the video. I find this is the best way to get a good image as you can move through the video, one frame at a time, selecting the best image.


I had rather a lot of clips to wade through once home and it was great to see SO many species visiting regularly. So, what did I capture?

Species 1: Robin

06060237_00000 06060237_00001 06060239_00000 06060239_00001 06060234_00000

Species 2: Blue tit



Species 3: Great tit… and fledglings!

06060309_00000 06060308_00001 06060308_00000

Species 4: Chaffinch

06060193_00002 06060193_00001 06060193_00000 06060228_00000 06060228_00001 06060228_00002

Species 5: Goldfinch

06060450_00000 06060238_00000

Species 6: Bullfinch

06060160_00000 06060210_00000 06060220_00000 06060226_00000

Species 7: Greenfinch


Species 8: Dunnock

06060221_00001 06060221_00000

Species 9: Collared Dove 


Species 10: Great Spotted Woodpecker (male with red nape)

06060168_00000 06060166_00001 06060166_00000 06060155_00000 06060155_00001 06060158_00000 06060158_00001

Species 11: Blackbird 

06060154_00001 06060154_00000 06060174_00001 06060174_00000

This Bushnell is a great way to monitor a bird table, perch or feeding station  and the close up lenses allow you to have a bird larger in the frame than a standard lens. This kit also comes with a 46cm lens, but at that focal distance, it is difficult to set up to ensure the whole bird is in the frame every time.