Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Clay Cavern Rat Visitor

Out of all the cameras I have set up, clay cavern is still my favourite and it  gives consistently  good views of voles and wood mice and even shrews! Tonight, whilst watching my… Continue reading

Hedgehog Bulldozer!

I am still getting regular hedgehog visitors, usually one at a time, but sometimes two. The most regular visitor is one of the hedgehogs I released here earlier in the year… one from… Continue reading

Mammal Society Photographic Competition

I am delighted to have been asked to judge this year’s Mammal Society Photographic Competition! I will be judging along with Steve Magennis and a member of the Mammal Society. Check out Steve’s… Continue reading

More Hedgecam Visitors!

My rodents are giving me a great show on hedgecam and I have recorded a few clips. They tend to appear early and then just as light fades. They seem to visit all… Continue reading

A new visitor to Hedgecam!

I was sitting at my desk working last night, when a movement on the hedgecam  camera caught my eye. I am used to having rodent visitors on here and will be uploading some… Continue reading

Bank Voles on Hedgecam

My hedgecam feeder is set on top of a hedge outside my office window. I set it up to feed the birds primarily but increasingly I am getting bank voles and wood mice… Continue reading

Practising high speed photography…..

Last weekend I visited Weston Park for the show there and took my camera along, as I knew there would be some falconry displays. This autumn and winter I am hoping to fit… Continue reading

A day of camera fiddling…..

With the weather promising to be fine today, there were lots of wildlife cam jobs I wanted to try to get done in the garden. Jason from Wildlife Windows had sent me a… Continue reading

Last of the summer butterflies

With so many different exciting projects going on at the moment, time has flown past and I realised I have not blogged for a week or so… and still have images I took… Continue reading

Sad Day for Badgers…..

It is with great sadness that I hear today that  The Badger Trust has lost its Court of Appeal challenge to government proposals to kill thousands of wild badgers in England. This news… Continue reading