Monthly Archive: April, 2012

Daylight Fox Visit

My foxes are just starting to appear before dark now and today, this vixen appeared at about 5.30pm. She was too nervous to come to the feeding station in daylight and stayed over… Continue reading

Nesting update in the WildlifeKate Patch

The weeks are flying past and it is difficult at times to keep up with all the activity in the garden! My blackbird chick has been growing at an amazing rate, especially as… Continue reading

‘Beaky’……A poorly robin

Last week I noticed this robin in the garden… it looked a bit ‘strange’ and on closer examination, seemed to have its beak open all of the time. I have been watching it… Continue reading

Rescues, Eggs, Epic chick growth, London Bird Watch, filming… was that just one week???

What a week! So much has happened this week, that I could do with another weekend to recover before going back to work in the morning! The dramas started on Tuesday with my… Continue reading

A frightening battle for possession….

¬† I teach today and logged onto my website at lunch time to check my live stream. I was surprised to see two stock doves in the Studio nest box. The jackdaws have… Continue reading

Jackdaws moving in???

I was up early this morning and was delighted to see that the jackdaws seemed to be showing a lot of interest in Squirrel Studio…. now to be re-named… The Studio!! There was… Continue reading

Have you considered getting a Bushnell???

Just a quick post to say for the next few months, my shop will not appear on my website. I am going to be building and developing the site and it can still… Continue reading

The New Al Fresco ‘Prickly Diner’

After Springwatch filmed here,I decided to try to set up an outside hedgehog feeding station as well as the one inside the hedgehog box. Last year, I had up to 5 hedgehogs visiting… Continue reading

What a Week!!

I apologise for my lack of blog posts recently… it has been quite a week this week! For anyone who follows my website and follows my tweets on Twitter, you will have seen… Continue reading

Have you ever heard a shrew?????

Shrews are regular visitors to my clay cavern and I am capturing some pretty unique footage of these rather ¬†misunderstood of insectivores. I have had both common and pygmy shrews in here, although… Continue reading