Monthly Archive: March, 2012

A wonderful new fox family!

I been lucky enough to be talking to James Marchington for the last week or so. He told me about a fox that looked like she had a den under his shed at the… Continue reading

Nesting begins!

Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of interest in my nest boxes, but no building as such. Last year, it was the first week in April that they began.… Continue reading

Activity hots up in the WildlifeKate Patch!

Suddenly everything seems to be kicking off here! My nest boxes have been having visitors for the last few weeks… lots of heads popping in and tidying going on, but today was the… Continue reading

Mammal Morning at the Wolseley Centre

A few weeks ago I saw a Mammal ID morning advertised at the headquarters of the Staffs Wildlife Trust; the Wolseley Centre, about 20 minutes from me. The morning would be spent checking… Continue reading

My first hedghog clip of the year!

I had missed my hedgehog for the last two nights as he came too late for me and I had gone to bed. Tonight, this little guy appeared at about 10.30pm and stayed… Continue reading

Blackbird Nest in the WildlifeKate Patch

It has been the most glorious day today! A slow start with low-lying mist, but a hint in the air that spring sunshine was only hours away. By eleven o’clock, the sun began to… Continue reading

The first hedgehog of the year!

I was thrilled this morning to have received a tweet at 11.30pm last night, informing me that a hedgehog had been into my feeding station!! Many thanks to Paula who spotted this little… Continue reading

Sparrowhawk Surprise

I was on the phone this morning, in my office when a sudden movement outside on top of the hedge caught my eye….. a female sparrowhawk, hoping for a catch, had hurtled along… Continue reading

A garden bursting with life!

Although I have been working at the PC for most of the day, my cameras mean that I am in constant contact with what is going on outside in my garden, even if… Continue reading

A weekend in the garden….

I have spent a lot of this weekend in my garden… if I can get it into shape in March, then I can usually keep on top of it as it bursts into… Continue reading